Monday, 30 March 2009

We have only just begun.

Christmas eve 2007 at 1 minute to midnight, Paul asked my Daughter Danielle to marry him.
He would have been gutted had she said no...... tee hee.......... [ and i would have decked her ;-)]
As it was she said yes.

He took dragged her off the sofa, where she was slobbing after her bath, and clad only in her *Comfies* he blindfolded her dragged her half way round the M25 [bet she was thinking she was being sped off to a luxury holiday to warmer Gutted.....] so after a half hour of sight deprivation she was finally led into a field and up to an old derelict church on a hill in Essex [mind you that could be anyone of the churches in Essex....sheesh........ they don't look after those places do they]........ anyway
He had decorated a small tree with fairy lights, he stood her in front of it, and probably said something like "Will you marry me".

It looks like blossom in the picture, don't it.
Very pretty.

Thankfully she said "YES"......... *Whoohoo* at which point we all jumped out from behind headstones, Yew trees, and out of Crypts [well to be honest that last one was the]......then Two hundred rockets went off lighting up the Essex skyline, she had no idea we were there *titter* had she known she would have run a mile .
She ..................then spent half hour complaining about not having any make up on!!!!!....

I shall tell you more about this night soon so stay with me.....pweese............. fanxQ...:-)


Raspberry Grace said...

So sweet, what a lucky girl!

I got the MIL in the crypt, but that was it! *winks*

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo what a romantic Paul is :) Sounded a very special evening can't wait for the next installment

Love and hugs



Lace hearts said...

What a fab way to propose. That'll be one to remember for ever. Love reading about it. Mwah. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and one on its own x

MelMel said...

How lovely and romantic!


mitmot said...

Wow how romantic - good job she said yes, or you would all have felt very silly!!!

claire said...

How lovely lovely :) xxxxx
waiting for the next installment with baited breath :)
beats my we'll sort a wedding after christmas proposal huh!!!???

Elaine said...

Such a lovely story, bet the MiL got cold though ;)

Love and blessings

Word: Vinocollapso...... not really it's gusali, but it might have been.

Trish said...

how romantic :)

Lajoni said...

awwwww what a thoughtful lad....made it soooo special for her and you all there too...awwwww am fillin' up 'ere sniff sniff.xx

MelMel said...


aaahhhhh...wanna share the windows....?

OR..I'll just nick some for you....loads of them in the posh ouses up in Didsbury....I'll just get my swag bag out....:>)))


Vintage Tea said...

What a romantic her future hubby is. Lucky gal.

Victoria xx

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

That is SO SO sweet!!!!!
♥ Teresa

Lace hearts said...

You didn't leave a message before you nutter. I'm pleased you haven't thrown the heart in the bin... I want to award you all the awards I've ever been given, cos you deserve them for being the bestest commentatororer ever. I can't take the time to do that fancy up down up down with the kisses thing ;-) so you just get the basic, but you get lots of those xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hope you're having a fab day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sharie said...

Awww a lovely proposal. The tree looks beautiful :-)