Friday, 12 November 2010


Here she is {she's the one on the left} thats her brother Ralfie.
Her name is Ruby, but her stage name is "shabby angel" she weighed 600g when we got her, she now [today] weighs 800g {may have to put her on a diet} she is 5inches high and 6inches long.
She eats, poo's sleeps and eats some more.
This is two of the un-furred grands holding her [we don't photograph the furred one anymore].

I dunno about yous lot but i think everyone should own a Pugbug.

Monday, 18 October 2010


Ickle "shabby angel" she is so sweet.
My new babygirl is a ickle Pug baby teacup fingy watsit.

I shall be picking her up on the 30th of October 2010.

I lubs her..... don't you. :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I love you this much.

Ps...... just dont tell anyone where ya gotted it..... cos there is a reward out for the nickerer.... thats me btw.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ex Bats flats.

Picture the scene.
No its not the OH building another shed its gunna be me chook house! well actually its more like a block of flats.
s'nice in'tit.
Well i know you cant actually see much but when its finished its gunna be a 5* Chook abode.

As many of you will already know, i single handedly, on my own, by meself, alone, saved a gazzilion chickens from the chicken coop in the sky, i had some helpers  of course, but if a jobs worth doing etc.... *giggle*
i am the proud mummy to 5 rescued chickens, they are currently lodging at my nieces house in a secret location in Cambridge.
Its secret because as you all know i am a very private person and don't want every Tom Dick or Harry looking to steal then ransom me chooks.
Anyhow they are called.
and Julian.

Well no not really Julian but i added that for comic effect.

Aint they perfect!
Yeah, i thought you would agree with me.

I expect there to be a rush of comments on their gorgeousness but please, remember i am but one humble woman.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Mayday...or should that be SOS..:)

As some will know i reached the ripe old age of 40 this past March and i must say i am beginning to feel me age..

I know i have ages to "do" stuff but i suddenly realised that i seem to be missing out on loads of "life" as the saying goes, it all begins at 40.... so i am gunna start living the wild life, i don't wanna turn 50 and still be a ......erm ......50 year old.....ahem .... person, now do i....

A couple of years ago, when i did the London Marathon, i found that all that running was chafing me thighs, as i didn't use lycra then, i went out this year and bought a strip of it and wrapped it round me left thigh.... bugger me if it didn't chafe like a bear! next year i shall have to buy another patch for the other side..... anyone know if they make Lycra bras!

Also since doing Avatar, i have appeared in another blockbuster called "How to use a Tin opener with only one hand" its rumoured to be an Oscar winner.... I don't like to brag but i know that this time i am gunna get the best actress award. Its about a politician who tries to open a tin with one hand! its classic cutting edge stuff, honest it is....

I also won the other famous country fingy, you know the one for the best vocalist..... it was between me and Winette of course she's good, but, bugger I am so much better, i sang "i'll take the duvet from the bedroom" and had them in tears... Oh and Dolly came up after the ceremony and asked me for my autograph.... i said i would send her one when i redo her next album...

And Wrapper MCMchammer asked me to write him another hit song, but i dont have time. Did you know i have to write the next National Anthem, prince Philip wants something with "Rule Britainia rules the suburbs" and Maj wants "Run down the road with ya kecks in the air, like ya just dont care" I much prefer Her Maj's version, dont you.

Just off to take Tyson to the rink, i'm only doing 10 rounds with him cos me lumbago is playing up tonight...

Can ya tell i'm bored...... i also wants to know if anyone even looks at this blog anymore...LOL

Monday, 18 January 2010

Alleluja...... found me camera...whoopwhoo.

I have once again found the lost camera!
did that make sense?
Anyhow i did and i have got some corking photos to show ya.

This picture is at a Bloomin Myrtals Christmas fair....
It was packed with lovelyness, if she hadnt have stopped me, i would have bought the whole lot! honest i would, stunning stuff.
Everyone should own a BM Original.

Look at that bit of gorgeousness on the manaquin, i made that... and all the yummy bunting, i made that too.

I made these too and those...
Look at the sleepy angels.... i made them.. and the reigdeer........ i made them and the gingerbread houses.
I was blown away by the quality of BMs makes, she is a talented lady, if you ever get a chance BUY one of her makes, they are DELISHOUS.

This is our Church Bazaar

This is me (in the blue cardie) rummaging, the lady beside me is Flo, she is a nice old dear, we go to Bognor twice a year...... me in June...... Flo in November.
Britney (shes the one stuffin her face at the back) is relaxing after her shift at the Sugar hut...( you have to live here to understand that)
They sell stuff for Romanian orphans, they have to raise £3000 a month! bugger! they always manage it.. Bless em.

I knitted all these over a weekend.

Rag dolls....hummmm not keen... i didnt make these.

This is the Raffle and the Grace table..

I had a wonderful Weekend with BM and her family [my goodness has she got a mossive family!) they are the kindess people i have met, i was made to feel at home within minutes of getting my feet under her table.
Thank you Mrs BM Mr BM and Miss BM.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Oh, i can relate to this!..

I couldnt find a picture of a one toothed woman.... lol.... he will do, you get me drift.

I wanna scream now and this is the bestest place to do it........ *scream* ......... yep.. i feel better for that.

Dunno if any of yous have ever had a toof ache? and if you have, its never been as bad as this.

I have searched the house for a pair of pliers, do you think i can find any! bugger, for a bloke who has enough tools to build a gazzilion sheds i cant find a simple pair of toof pullin pliers!

I found a screwdriver a hammer [i have put that somewhere handy] and a all singing all dancing up to the minute laser fingy but no Pliers.

So here i sit a short piece of string hanging off the collar of a very reluctant West highland white terrier........ Ok after three.......... One............ Two.............. ang on...... im not ready.........


Ooops .......... BUGGER......wrong toof...... *gulp*