Wednesday, 16 September 2009

New SpringWidget


I see your all into giveaways, and i ain't one for not jumping on the bandwagon.

But..... i ain't giving anyone move along nuffin to see here.....go on scat........ shoo.......begger orf.

OK, i have this ickle award to give some of you, its one i stole ages ago from someone, who is probably still looking for it, so don't tell anyone whom you got it from, cos if you do, i will end up going to prison! and you don't want that on your conscience now do ya, so keep shtum.
Right, those who are eligible for this award are.
Kitten from *Bikerpaws and chooks feet*.
Lastic from *Plastic Heart and hairy legs*.
Bloomin from *Who dares Trims*
Laj from *repainting my memoirs*
Beaches from *Balancing on a Glade of Brass*
Sharie from *View from our backyard*
Mitty from *So Hot Mitmot* [yes that's the pawn site].
There are so many blogs that bring me joy [and some that don't] but yours do........sometimes, well, most of the time, mostly........ Ha Ha.