Monday, 30 March 2009

We have only just begun.

Christmas eve 2007 at 1 minute to midnight, Paul asked my Daughter Danielle to marry him.
He would have been gutted had she said no...... tee hee.......... [ and i would have decked her ;-)]
As it was she said yes.

He took dragged her off the sofa, where she was slobbing after her bath, and clad only in her *Comfies* he blindfolded her dragged her half way round the M25 [bet she was thinking she was being sped off to a luxury holiday to warmer Gutted.....] so after a half hour of sight deprivation she was finally led into a field and up to an old derelict church on a hill in Essex [mind you that could be anyone of the churches in Essex....sheesh........ they don't look after those places do they]........ anyway
He had decorated a small tree with fairy lights, he stood her in front of it, and probably said something like "Will you marry me".

It looks like blossom in the picture, don't it.
Very pretty.

Thankfully she said "YES"......... *Whoohoo* at which point we all jumped out from behind headstones, Yew trees, and out of Crypts [well to be honest that last one was the]......then Two hundred rockets went off lighting up the Essex skyline, she had no idea we were there *titter* had she known she would have run a mile .
She ..................then spent half hour complaining about not having any make up on!!!!!....

I shall tell you more about this night soon so stay with me.....pweese............. fanxQ...:-)

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Tonight at 8.30 til 9.30 i shall be doing me warden bit for the planet.

So switch the lights off and get ya candles out make some popcorn, snuggle up to your hubbys, and tell horror stories to each other.
Happy non-illumination night.

SAVE THE PLANET and the badger and the whale and the kittens and the Renault espace and the crusts of scabs..... :-)

So if you hear "Oi get that light out" tis only Meeeeeeee.

I wonder how many babies will be born this Christmas...........;-)

Monday, 23 March 2009


I know i have been unavailable of late but i have been busy.
I erm.....
Went to walk Adrians wall and then did a week with the Abba tribute band *Tribute bands are us*.
Then it was off to Olliewood to do a re-run of the old Waterloo classic *Nelson Smells Like Fish*
When i gotted back, Miss Haversham, [see side bar] wanted me to show her how to make cushions [without zips] well i didnt have a scooby, but blagged my way through a tute and this is what we comeded up wiv...

They look lovely dont ya fink.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Shabby the *Reclaimator*

Hey i am getting all green and saving the pennies, last year i started recycling in earnest, putting all me cans boxes and milk plastic fingys in there respective bags, then me bottles jars etc in there respective red bins and all me grass of which there is loads in the white plassie baggy fingys.
So now i am a fully fledged member of the green brigade.
Well, i was thinking to myself, as i do, i should be getting some veggies on the go, but doing something about self sufficiency lark was way beyond me.......... until
Neet from *Neet Designs* stepped in..... whoohoo [go check out her blog in my side bar] ... she sent me these...

With full descriptions on what to do and when, each packet named with the product and she put in perfect idiot proof instructions.
Just what i need.:-)
Thank you Neet i shall make you proud..... Gulp......Crossed fingers.

Another surprise was from my old adversary...lololol Lastic kec's [see side bar Lace Hearts]
she sented me a beautiful bag, and yes i mean a BEAUTIFUL hand made bag!!!!!!!!
I covert everything she makes, she is really amongst one of the bestest sewerereres i know.
[Cant believe i just said that out loud!]
No honestly she is a wonderful mate and i am privileged to know her.
Fanks Lastic......I wub you soo very when do i get me promotion money...hummmm.

Annie C from the Shabby Chic Cafe [great place, you should visit] sent me this gorgeous piece of Vintage fabric....... Gulp....... what if i ruin it!
isn't it just stunning........ i have been very blessed by this lovely lady, she has made loads of money for Kids in Need and i wanna thank her from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks Annie, we love you and your *Heart of Gold*

And it was all wrapped up, i spent 20 Min's trying to work out what it was?
Had to open it eventually Co's I'm a bit dim like that......... fought it was a toaster at first.

Thank you ickle ladies you made my day.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Swap from our Liz at Rose and Bird

Lookie lookie lookie ain't ya jellyous?

Liz from the shabby Chic Cafe sent me all this lushness.. are you slathering now.....

I got some beautiful smelling draw liners, honest they smell awesome.

The theme was Cathkidishness and Liz who you can find here and her blog is here

didn't disappoint.

I got some covered buttons, something I've always wanted, a gorgeous CK fabric, framed beautifully and i shall treasure it always........ [ain't some people cleverererer].

A green delish spotted bag that will go with my slow growing collection of yummylishious bags.

and two scrummyliscious mugs........

NO-ONE is allowed to use my mugs ever........... they are purely for show :-).

Thank you Liz for all my lovely gifts, you have truly spoiled me.

FankQ so much.

Mwah X

Friday, 6 March 2009

Wanna see me pee in a field....

I am so excited...... and that is why i am sharing this with you all, i don't know how to do a proper link so this will have to do and i hope it works......... and *Breath* its making me feel sick but happy if you know what i mean!

I am going to have chickensducksdonkeysgoatsgeesedoves and Rabbits but only because i saw quillions of them while i was drooling around the property.

I am going to wear wellies ......... and not wash for weeks at a time.............. and have grime/poop encrusted nails and make bacon and egg sarnies without washing my hands first............. it don't mater Co's no one will see me. I shall wear my jammies out to fetch the eggs and have straw in my hair, i will pee in a Field and not worry that google maps may show that on their site, *Breath*......i shall keep herbs on the window sill ...... and i shall have tea parties with the best china and only invite the Fauna ........... and and and......*Breath*...... oh i feel sick...................... but still happy. :-)

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Lost....Reward if you find it.

I seem to have lost my posts!
Maybe they thought i had carked it............. anyway if you find it, please send it home with a flea in its ear and tell it Mummys very upset that it didnt tell her it was going orf.