Saturday, 28 March 2009

Tonight at 8.30 til 9.30 i shall be doing me warden bit for the planet.

So switch the lights off and get ya candles out make some popcorn, snuggle up to your hubbys, and tell horror stories to each other.
Happy non-illumination night.

SAVE THE PLANET and the badger and the whale and the kittens and the Renault espace and the crusts of scabs..... :-)

So if you hear "Oi get that light out" tis only Meeeeeeee.

I wonder how many babies will be born this Christmas...........;-)


Lace hearts said...

Fab... will think of you.

Just thanked you on my blog... go see! Mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and thank you for your lovely email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lubs you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and glad you got the goodies... just a little tiny little treat to make you smile. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(lubs ya more than ya lubs me though)

angel said...

oh what for >>>>>>>>Legging it off to see .........

Cat lover girl said...

well.. i think the last one is a fun way to spend the time.. and YOU dont need lights for fondue..:)

sharie said...

Sorry Hun didn't go for it. Sat here with a heat pad on my feet (cos I have a bad head) and the dh won't cuddle up as he is watching top gear or some other 'orrible thing on telly.

Tell you what to make up for it Ill turn off all my lights and the cooker between 11pm and 8am. :-)

seriously its a good thing but I forgot all about it.

MelMel said...

Oh ifeel dreadful...I had no idea this was happening!

What a fab thing to do!xxx

Caroline said...

We have a saying at our house to look after the Polar Bears. You see their not that pleased about global warming.