Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fleeing toot sweet

Thank you a A thrifty Mrs for reminding me this morning of a trip to my local Charadee shop.

You must go and look at her blog as its filled with great ideas, your gunna love it.

Funny A Thrifty should mention this [no, you have to read her post after mine] because as i wandered into the local Hospice shop recently i found pure delishness, i was lucky that day to see that Miss Lovely was on duty, i don't venture in when Mrs Nasty is manning the shop.....*Shiver* [she scares the life outta me]. I rooting about, as is my want, when i happened upon the box of delights called *scrap* some joker scrubbed out the "S" titter....inside was a load of needles and crochet hooks etc... heaven.:-) Anyway at the bottom of the box was another smaller box, full of ....swoon..... buttons! So with fear and trepidation i dove in [is dove a real word or is it a bird?]......anyhow, whilst drooling over all this yummieness and snatching a little old ladies hand away, whilst at the same time nobbling her so that she was under no illusion that these were "my buttons" so she better "move along as there is nuffin to see here woman"........ growl....... don't worry its OK Little Old Lady was helped to a chair a bandage and a glass of Chardonnay [we is posh here in Brentwood] by the assistant Miss Nice.
Mrs Nasty's trouble alarm must have been set to maximum, and as she entered i felt the room fall silent and a chill descended all around ...........
the customers held their breath and depositing their goods back where they found them, swiftly left the shop.......... now it was just her and me....... who was gunna win..... Dun Dun Dern ......... well........ she did, on shakily handing over my treasured box of buttons, she bellowed "cant you sort through them and take the ones you want!" "we get a lot of people asking for buttons, i don't like selling a whole box"..... who is this woman! i thought, why cant she just sell me the flummin buttons, why should i have to sort through a box looking for the prize of that "Special" jewel that i have always hunted/scavenged for! I want to look and savour that moment, in my own home with the curtains shut from prying eyes, not in the middle of a crowded shop!!!! :-(

So after giving Mrs Nasty the evil eye i left my box of delights on the counter, muttered under my breath then scuttled off, kicking out at the old feeble man who had dared to cross the threshold while Mrs Nasty Reigned, leaving him in no doubt at my disdain.........

So i never got me buttons :-( ..... Mrs Nasty still resides at the counter ......... Miss nice is now married to the young son of the *old lady* who is actually a multi millionairess! I found this out while reading the headline in the local paper. *Millionairess in Charity shop fight with button Madwoman* Mafia Sons Seek Revenge!!!!!! Eeeek..... Flip..... gotta go ......... now where is me flammin passport.............

Sunday, 22 February 2009


Isn't she lovely.
I was sent this beautiful Annie from *Bloomin Myrtle* just before Christmas.
I love Annie's, they are so cute.
She has all the stuff necessary to make me a cake but so far she ain't........ BM you did send her with a recipe book didntja.
How do i switch her on, i have been searching and searching but i cant find the knob anywhere!

She is a bit naughty sometimes, but mostly just shy.

Thank you Bloomin Myrtle for her, she is a real treasure, i cant recomend these Annies enough.

My Grandaughters are besotted by them.

BM i hope you dont mind me showing her off to me mates. :-)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

I am a bit apprehensive about putting what i make up here because i am acutely aware that yous lot are perfectionists when it comes to making stuff.
So its with fear and trepidation that i bring to you the latest shabby
This is some of them all together.

A ickle bag for.........i dunno, its just a ickle bag, maybe for PJ's or suffink.

I should have taken this one at a better angle.

I like these.

Not 100% sure about this one though it very scruffy iykwim.

These are a bit sweet too, whajafink.

Another bag, getting a bit bored wiv these bags tbh.

Now lactic, BM, Pip etc all your allowed to say is ........hum ..... Nice fings, Co's i ain't no Martha.
But i am trying................ yeah i know, very trying.:-)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

A bit of a ramble.

Chuffin eck.......... spent half the day sorting out Lajoni's blog queries, and lastics Chine stopped working, Giantess wanted me to recover her sofa oh and cooked all Miss Phishes Christmas Dinner [she wouldnt ask but i just done it]. See whenever anyone is in need of suffink there i am........... mazing isn't it..........

Lol, not really, i think what i want to say is [does anyone else feel this way]. If someone is hurting or in a bit of a dilemma we just want to reach out and touch them, take away the hurt the world dishes out to them. It breaks my heart sometimes, to hear things that i can do nothing about.

I think the T'internet is a wonderful medium, we can come on here and have fun giggle muck about live a imaginary life if we want, its all good and i enjoy my time here with you all.

I really just want to say this, even when the tough times hits out at us, or the world does a 360% and we stumble, we can put it down on here, share our woes with each other and not feel threatened, hopefully we get lifted up and made to feel better about things, that's what life and friendships is all about, isn't it, well, isn't it?

Anyway, i have a few things to do now.........Laj get the kettle on love, it looks like we are in for an all nighter..............................

Monday, 2 February 2009


Forgot to tell you that i was legally tagged by my Shabby Mates *Melmel* and *Lastic Kec's* from lace hearts....... no don't go over there to read their blogs stay here a moment.... tsk tsk....
I have to show you the fourth picture from the forth folder or something, well this is it....
Its a picture of *Bluebell woods* the most prettiest Woods i know.
I love this picture because it is where my Darling Granddaughter Faith is buried, [don't worry, its all legal, its a green burial site, tsk as if, i would do such a thing] the pic is a bit blurry but you get the gist. :-)

Dont Panic Mrs Mannering!

Well i ain't gunna be caught short, Do i have enough food for a small army? can i rustle up a 10 course meal with wine, candelabras etc for those who may need a warm bed and hot meal? after being snowed in the bus stop across the road? so with this in mind.............. i panic bought this morning.

You never know how long these snow blizzard fingys are gunna last, could be as long as 24 to 48 hours!

I sent the kids to the shops yelling as they went....................
"Go to the local Corner shop, Bag as much stuff as you can..... come home and stash it in our "Secret nuclear bunker" that is in the Garden, if that's full, Dig a hole".................. WHAT THE ECK! WHY, OH WHY, are we all going out buying anything and everything that has a food label on it!........ do i really need 20 litres of milk! no of course not............. but I'm still gunna buy them :-) Because its in my nature to buy every blimmin tin of Spam, Jelly, Instant whip/potatoes, tinned octopus in spring water etc........... its just gotta be done.......well....Hasnt it! ..... or am i the only panic buyer!......... lol.......i do hope not!
Lime jelly anyone........... hummmmmm