Sunday, 26 October 2008

Heirs to my Cardstock..

Oh no! apparently i look like my nan, whatjafink, do i!

Stop posing B, you do look like her but dont worry she was a bit of alright in her day.

I wonder if i'm are in her will.

Who knows, but keep smiling co's i have a feeling you could get a curly wurly outta her.

Do ya fink she knows she has a boger on the end of her nose.

Oooh i cant look anymore.

Nor can i but i'm sorta mesmerised by it.

These little cherubs are my darling Grandaughters, aint they sweet.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Goodbye Cake.

I wanted to show you a cake i baked last month for friends who are moving back to Australia, i don't for the life of me know why they would want to they have been here for 30 years! And there are all sorts of igly wigleys in Australia *shudder* some people don't know when they are well off.

I have refused point blank to visit, no way do i want a fourteen foot Tarantula climbing up the dunny whilst I'm having an ablution! they are a little lala if they think they are gunna get the shabby over there.

Anyhow, this is the cake and i am going to demonstrate how not to upload pictures onto blogger................. in reverse...........Stupid angel. tsk tsk.

This is it when cooked

This is it in the Mixer fingy

This is it in the packets.............dont laugh, i was doing this as a favour, and this is how it was given to me, i would have made it from scratch but the person [who shall remain nameless TINA] didnt have faith in me making it from scratch!!!! so she bought PACKET MIXTURE ........ lol

These are the utensils i erm used, well i couldn't remember if i had to use the dough hook, the whisk or the other fingy so i used all three.
I would just like to say to Dave and Jill, Bon Vouage, Bon Vouch, Bon Vouche... erm ... sod it ........ GOODBYE from good Old Blighty.............. hope it rains in ya Summers and snows in ya Winters i also hope you get the lurgy and homesick and have to come back here co's we is all gunna miss you........................ [well not me bloggin mates co's they don't know who the heck you is].......... all the rest of your mates wish you Happiness for your new life, without us. *sticking tongue out*

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

WIN......... Doh

I Thought you may like to see what us WIN ladies get up to.
We like to get the Oldies together at least twice a year, mainly so we know they are still alive .... no don't look so shocked, its a shame to miss a good *Wake* for no reason, if its a Crisp and Sarnie Wake we sometimes send our apologies, well its not worth the shoe leather on all that gravel, see those old girlie's up the back of the tables [i think they are all still alive] they are the eldest members of WIN the eldest is our Margaret she is 86 and unless she is off gallivanting on holiday, comes to WIN every week, ain't she sweet. *smile*
Anyhow, we have 4 official WIN meals a year Spring Buffet, Summer Sizzler, Autumn Buffet and Christmas Shenanigans [i just made those names up! Gosh I'm good].

I think the youngest member of WIN is only 21 now and she has been coming for two years!
I have to say they are a wonderful group of women and i can honestly say they are all my Mates.
Look at that scrummy food and you may note how i have taken that first pic's from the Pudding end, lol.
These evenings are always funded by us we don't ask anyone for money, our girls bring there friends along [all free] they stuff there faces and get a few glasses of wine down their throats and then i sting them into buying a raffle ticket, *Pand a strip* is my cry *git ya Many aaat* is another and it works, we raised £150 for KIN [Kids in Need] last month, yippee.
This is some of them turning up for the fun, they needed to get in early so they could get all the bestest seats.
Now to pay for all the things we do all year we have to raise funds, we do this in a number of ways. On of the things we do is snag some unsuspecting person to host one of our many fun days [its not much fun for the host as we trash the house and garden. lol] they usually make cakes and biscuits and put out doily's and stuff! mistake, because all the oldies come out of the framework for those sort of goodies............... funny how oldies can eat.
This lady opened her Garden for us [she has been a part of WIN for about 3 years] the things she is guarding are all donated for us to raffle off .........*Git ya many aat..... pand a strip* .....local artists came and bought their wares to show. About 70 people came that day! A 20pence entrance fee was collected and everyone enjoyed their time with us. So that's a bit of refinement in the Shabby window of life , oh and a we made a eck of a lot of money that day. Thank you so much Sue. and errrrm sorry about the mess and all those beer bottles.............s'nuffin to do wiv me.........

Monday, 6 October 2008

Shabby swaps

Over on the Shabby Chic forum we do a monthly swap, i usually put pictures up on the forum but thought you might like to see them, so here goes.

This is from Annie C, i was so excited because as you can see everything is wrapped so neatly and prettily in Gold, Whoopee, see the envelope the Gold one, well inside that is the most loveliest angel, she is so sweet and she is mounted on a easel, how good is that!
Under the envelope and tissue paper is so much Gorgeousness, there i a lovely Blue plate and a scrummy hand made bag there is even a Welsh Cookery book.
I think i have been spoiled whatdayoufink.................. lol........... thank you so much Annie, I LOVE IT ALL.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Quilt for Kids in Need.

Thought i would show you what i have started on, yes its a quilt, yoohoo, i am making it for KIN [Kids in Need].
I want to raffle it off and make loads of money for these little ones, but as i am pants at making stuff i thought if i told you all about it you would keep reminding me to keep at it.
It's funny how i always assume it will be Minging and nobody will want it, :-( and that gives me an excuse to stop doing it......... so please nag me to bits about this as i know what i'm like.

Thanks for your support.
I took a couple of old Christmas cards and cut out the templates for this project.

I then took my monthly bit of Yummyness book, I love it cos its the only bit of style that comes through the post box, well this and the nectar points catalogue............. lol. :-)

I then cut all the boring bits out of it and made little bits for the middle of the fingy fings.

I then chose the colour, all scrummy pinks............. 1 shirt, 1 pair of jammy bottoms [knicked for DD and she dont know yet, well i have only taken one leg off, tsk its not as if i have used it all] and a shirt from my Ds1............... he wont miss it and its the perfect colour, i just had to have it.

Shame cos he loved that shirt. LOL

Last but not least a piece of dark pink fabric i purloined a few years ago.

Those scissors are what Bloomin Myrtle sent me for my Birthday, and i lurve them so much.


Love and hugs to you all and fanx for visiting. Mwah. X x X x X