Sunday, 8 March 2009

Shabby the *Reclaimator*

Hey i am getting all green and saving the pennies, last year i started recycling in earnest, putting all me cans boxes and milk plastic fingys in there respective bags, then me bottles jars etc in there respective red bins and all me grass of which there is loads in the white plassie baggy fingys.
So now i am a fully fledged member of the green brigade.
Well, i was thinking to myself, as i do, i should be getting some veggies on the go, but doing something about self sufficiency lark was way beyond me.......... until
Neet from *Neet Designs* stepped in..... whoohoo [go check out her blog in my side bar] ... she sent me these...

With full descriptions on what to do and when, each packet named with the product and she put in perfect idiot proof instructions.
Just what i need.:-)
Thank you Neet i shall make you proud..... Gulp......Crossed fingers.

Another surprise was from my old adversary...lololol Lastic kec's [see side bar Lace Hearts]
she sented me a beautiful bag, and yes i mean a BEAUTIFUL hand made bag!!!!!!!!
I covert everything she makes, she is really amongst one of the bestest sewerereres i know.
[Cant believe i just said that out loud!]
No honestly she is a wonderful mate and i am privileged to know her.
Fanks Lastic......I wub you soo very when do i get me promotion money...hummmm.

Annie C from the Shabby Chic Cafe [great place, you should visit] sent me this gorgeous piece of Vintage fabric....... Gulp....... what if i ruin it!
isn't it just stunning........ i have been very blessed by this lovely lady, she has made loads of money for Kids in Need and i wanna thank her from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks Annie, we love you and your *Heart of Gold*

And it was all wrapped up, i spent 20 Min's trying to work out what it was?
Had to open it eventually Co's I'm a bit dim like that......... fought it was a toaster at first.

Thank you ickle ladies you made my day.


MelMel said...

Did the cake go down a treat?

I'm sat here puzzled and confused by lost....what the blimminh heck it don't make no sense!!????

MelMel said...

Pardon you!

Sat here totally bemused....lost is now back in the 70's.....Sawyer still looks hot....Jack is back...tis too much for a married Lady!

Think one of those cakes would help me work out what the heck its all about!

Actually feel a bit sick....we wolfed all that fudge stuff...n choccies.....whoops!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today and the sweet sweet comments, I am really enjoying your blog and have to add you to my daily morning reads!!! Yay you....going green!!! What pretties from all your friends too!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

Lace hearts said...

Gosh, I never realized you could grow a Little Gem... wow!
Glad you got the bag... hope you really do like it. It's one of my favourite Globaltex prints. Sleep well lovely Angel. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and get sowing tomorrow, LOL you sowerererr xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x x

LittleGem said...

LOL at Laceys comment!!Yes Lastic I am a rare breed of lettuce :) Angel you have had some luvverly stuff through the post. Lastic does make the bestest stuff doesnt she? X

Country Bliss said...

Well done with the recycling and good luck with veggie growing. Lovely bag and fabric.
Yvonne x

Anonymous said...

Loverly post.

Don't forget to do your composting will you?


sharie said...

A GREEN shabby Angel. Well I never... A question for you? Is the Green Giant a recycler and what about the Incredible Hulk?

Ignore me... its late and I should be in bed snoozing and trying to get my beauty sleep to finally work.

Lovely bag you have snaffled. Material too. Lucky lucky girl!

angel said...

Update........ i saw something sprout!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

YAY !!!!

At last I can leave a comment!
Something other other hasn't let me leave a comment here and some other blogs for days *???*

As usual, your blog always cheers me up, thank you xxxxx

And all your gifts are lovely too

Love and blessings

ps Today's word is "Rafts"

Trish said...

yaaaayyyyyyyy green angel :) lovely bits from lastic and annie hun :)
yes I have done a blog over (is that a phrase???) I think it looks pretty too xxx

Lace hearts said...

Where are you. Missing you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx guess you're just busy with wedding things.... hope you're okay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
come and be rude to me soon, though. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I need my fix. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lajoni said...

Glad to have you back...theres an award waiting for you on my blog xxx