Friday, 21 November 2008

Makesit & Spensive

Its Gunna be like this tomorrow.
I have got me sledge out, the *Westies Huskys* are all harnessed up.
Should be a great weekend.
"Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas"

That reminds me.
I went to the mega 20% off sale at Markit & Spensive yesterday.
Did any other eejits go, or was it just me..... Hummmmm

I was pushed pulled and even dragged into aisles i have never ventured into before!

It was a mad house, and i become part of that madness!

Its amazing how much you really, really, need that size 8 multi coloured Reindeer cardie, even when you are a size 16 and it cost £45 squid BUT IT HAS 20% Off! Bargain....... and it WILL come in handy.

Yer never know i might befriend a *skinny bint* or lose 14 stone by Christmas day.

Whajafink, will i, wont i?

My M&S Christmas Tree.
[no its only supposed to look a bit like a flippin Christmas tree it ain't real]
I began to feel icky

Bit Sweaty and dizzy

Waiting in line to pay

For 300 sock a yellow pillbox

600 knickers, 400 slippers

a pigeon for dinner

sprouts and some stuffin

In other words i came out wiv nuffin

A basket of stuff some of it rough

Me and son Paul are doing a stall

Down in a market, where we will park it

Sell all me stock for a pittance of what i paid

I wish at home.................................... I'd stayed

Do you know how hard it is to make things rhyme,

I'm doing my best to make it funny,but i fink I'm loosing the plot,

So that's



See i made it look a bit like a tree.
Use your imagination, Beaches Dollop Lacey Sharie.
Its only a blog not a flippin national daily..I ain't getting paid or nuffin.
.......... sheesh...........
This crowd is harsh
I am only ONE


MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo angel your poem is perfect, very creative

Glad you enjoyed your little spree, I know someone who would love that cardigan :)

Love and Cuddles

Mary X

thriftymrs said...

You do make me laugh.

momof2gr8kids said...

silly!!! just tooo much do you really have all that snow.. BUURRRR makes me chilly just looking at it..

MelMel said...

Hiya...the BBC should give you your own show....crying with it!

Tell you what, come over when the darn OFSTED person is here and tell her that poem....slowly, so she will forget about me!
Then she will panic and dash away, cos she has gone over her time.....cos she won't get an invite for lunch....ggrrr!

You have really cheered my day up!

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!

You're amazing!


Lace hearts said...

are so
very funny
You're as drunk as me! hahahahahahahaahahahahaha
6,000,00000 pairs of knickers!
See, I'm making my comment look
like half
a xmas
No xx
Me so

angel said...

Your all such ermmm such ermmmmmm such fibbers.......... lol.

sharie said...

Oh wow, you are so clever, spcially making it into a tree. You are the little star (or angel) at the top of my tree, you are so funny.

Hey, remember complaining cos I didn't give you an award? Well I've taggged you instead.... Haaa, haaa, haaa!

Vintage Tea said...

Ha! Ha! I went to M&S the other night and was in there about 5 mins when i decided to leave as I couldn't bare it!! I think i left with 5 serious trolley wounds given to me by other shoppers!

Victoria x

Elaine said...

Love the tree, really clever.

When does your poetry book come out BTW?????????

Love and blessings

Country Bliss said...

Great poem, very clever lol.
Did you get any snow, we didn't not fair!
Yvonne x

Carol said...

Hello Shabby Angel, ooh I wish it would snow here.
Love your poem, I must have been somewhere that que with you!lol...
Carol xx