Sunday, 30 November 2008

For our Icklie's in Kenya.

Been slogging away for the last ....... well seems like forever...... making stuff for our Church Bazaar, this lady was called upon to run the Cake stall, this was on Thursday evening when i suddenly realised that although we had advertised a cake stall, i had forgotten to ask anyone to make cakes! luckily for me Bonnie to the rescue........ not fazed a bit she got on the phone called a friend a hey presto she pulled it off and we had 30 something cakes.... Yahoooo fanx Bonnie.
This stall raised £90 pounds for Kids in need [KIN] Then came the Raffle table, we ran out of space to put this table as so many stallholders turned up [more than we had actually invited!] so it ended up on the stage, it was crammed full of stuff, i had made a few hampers up using baskets and boxes that i had gathered throughout the year, the large Hamper in the center was won by a lady who was in tears [of joy] ............a very worthy lady........ Ooooh i love this bit of our day.

This stall is called "The Grace" table, its made up of gifts given over a couple of months to help raise money for our Icklies, people give us some lovely stuff someone donated a Gold bracelet! as it was donated specifically given to this table we knew it had to be put on it ........... Oh but i was so tempted to Auction it off............ norty shabbers...... lol..... the point of this table is that every ticket is a winner.......... whether it is a Gold Bracelet or a cuddly toy.......... all it costs is £1 ......... yup a Squid....... i know............. unberblimminlievable .......... and yes the Bracelet was won ................... by .......... i dunno i was to busy selling the flippin raffle tickets for the ...erm.. raffle.:-)

Here ya go this is the labours of what i have been making............FOREVER ......... or so it seemed, yes there was loads of nicked idea's and a few of my great friend *Bloomin Myrtle* gifts for our kiddlie cause [please go look at her blog, as she has amazing talent]

There was every bag you could think of, loads of Pinny's & Mother and Child pinny's..... cant see them in the picture, but they were there somewhere............ Cushions, blankets, Peg bags, bags for tights, stockings, pin cushions [thanks BM] in fact there was so much stuff that the table was groaning under the weight [we had given up our table and purloined the music box bit in the corner of the Church hall] so sorry Ben for nicking ya centre..... yo yo yo [that's MC DJ talk, init, janowaimean].

So what i wanted to tell you all is that we made a grand total of £400 Squidddddddoooda's ........ YIPPEE..........
Thanks to everyone who helped bring this all together i am forever inbebted to you all, i also want to assure you all that every single penny will go to the Children in Nakuru.


Lace hearts said...

Angel, that's fantastic and well worth all the hard slog, I'd say. It looks lovely - wish I could've had a rummage through all those goodies, and have you save me cake?!
Now take some time to relax and recover! Mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lots and lots of huggles and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and a few more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and a couple more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and one xxx more x

angel said...

Fanx Lastic....

MaryPoppins said...

Well done angel and all your merry helpers, what a smashing amount of money you have raised and ohooo how I wish me was there you could have made a few squid more :)

I love the little pinnies and well everything, well done BM too :)

Love and happy thoughts

Mary X

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Angel ... what a lot of hard work and what a result! Wish I could have come. What a wonderful array of goodies.



Lace hearts said...

You see, I knew it was a unicorn. But my typing fingers thought it was a reindeer. It's that connection between my brain and my fingers that's lacking.
I've changed it and mentioned you.
And what are you getting OH? A very expensive reindeer? The mind is boggling at what. Those mirrors were costing in the thousands if it's that!? Have a fab day xxxxxxxxxxxx and lots more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx but not too many xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

claire said...

Well done Angel Cakes :) XXXX
Glad it all went well - I wish I could have come along and bought some of the fruits of your labours and eaten cake. Xxx

MelMel said... glad you rasied loads of money for a worthy cause!


MelMel said...

Your tagged!XXXXXX

sharie said...

Well done Angel, all that money raised with those goodies. Sounds like you had a great day!

second wind said...

Wow what a great result for the Icklies! Well done Angles and your merry band of helpers and BM too. Fantastic display of goodies- you must have worked so hard to produce that lot!!

Country Bliss said...

Well done Angel, brilliant amount raised. Your display of goodies looked wondeful.
Yvonne x

Ginger said...

Angel wonderful work for them well done my friend. Relax now and have a merry little christmas and Happy New year 2009!