Saturday, 15 November 2008

Shazza, Vintage Tea, and Dollop.

Me mate shazza has just bought a website! called
So its up to me to come up with the goods for it, well as you know i am not one to shirk my responsibilities so i am on the case, i need to make this webbie fingy a "Harroads" "Selfishriges" type shop, the only problem i have is.... i ain't no Fido and i don't have that much dosheroonie to supply the UK with utter rubbi.......... erm ........quality items......... so i need ideas for shabby shazza [who is the least shabby person i know] in fact she makes that bird off the telly look shabby, whats her name........... no not her, the other one......errrrm.....ooh...... you know that posh bird who tries to sell insurance........... oh whats her name......... fingy................ it will come to me....... so if anyone has ideas leave me a message or not if yacantbebovvered....s'okay i wont bite.... Much. GRRRR. *smile*

Now the other thing that has happened this week is a great swap idea from MelMel and lesley [see sidebar] we have to send our swap partners 5 wonderful thingys that they would hate to receive......... i think i have that right? anyhow my swappie person is Vintage tea [go and look at her blog its brill]..........and gosh she's another posh bird! So i have amassed a massive amount of cra................... crazy stuff. There is worn out lippy, a pair of the OH socks, well not exactly a pair but the same colour......... well nearly........ some old watered down shampoo that someone got me for Christmas about 5 or 15 years ago, a lighter that has run out, i found it at a local car bootee for ......... well i found it so its free, just need to spit on it to get the mud off, a used black bag. i thing Vintage will be pleased........... whatjafink? am i class or what.*Titter*

Lastly, I have met some wonderful people while blogging and one of them is Dollop from Dolly Dollop or is it Daisy Dollop? oh just look on my side bar.......... she is there somewhere *shrugs* Anyhow, she is a beautiful lady with a heart of pure gold, she has helped and cared for others and shows a love of family and friends in her posts that is unsurpassed, she is getting Married in March, its official, Yeah..... so Honey go on that journey of love, on that road to happiness and fulfillment. Claire i want to wish you,Love, Joy, and a lifetime of pure Happiness........ you are one in a million. We all LOVE YOU. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X

OH I REMEMBER JOANNA LUBLEY.......... thats the posh bird i was finking of............


angel said...

Dolly Dollop, see i was right.... lol.

Lace hearts said...

I can't make that link work. What you dunded wrong?! lol. Well, what does she wanna sell? Give us a clue. Is she making things?
Lovely news about Claire, isn't it. How exciting.
As to your poor swap pardner. Tee hee. Socks, indeed. I've got dolly, so I'm really happy. xxxxx mwah sweetie, xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and a few more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

claire said...

I'm sat here all full of red wine blushing ***blush*** - see!!
You are the lovliest angel ever and I feel all famous and everything now!!
Good to hear you have tracked down some goodies for your swap partner.......(phew I was partnered with lacey!!lol!!!)

claire said...

Did I tell you you are lubly??
Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah

Lace hearts said...

Has that Claire had a bit of a lot to drink, huh? lol. We are pardners, did you know! Aren't I lucky. Hope you had a good night, you lovely person. xxxx mwah xxxxxxxxxx and lots and lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and huggles as well xxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

What a big tease this website thingy is missy.

You give us the link, nowt there, you tell us you're gonna be stocking it full of goodies but nowt shabby. I is all confused...!

sharie said...

Oh Hun, I'm sure she will be pleased to recieve those lovely and obviously well thought out items :-))

Have to admit thats why I've never participated in a swap cos at the moment all they'd get is some sawn of mDF and a used bio, and I'm NOT joking. Can't find anything in this house and what I do find is no good. LOL

Anonymous said...

Ooooh.. swaps? I tried a couple but was SO late with them I got embarrassed and blacklisted myself .... ouch.

Am a bit confused about the shop bit thingy?

Is it being run by Joanna Plumly or what? If so WHERE is it sweetie?

claire said...

Humph - as if I would have had a lot of drinky :)
I am nearly offended lacey!!!!
Nearly!!!(cos it was a bit true xx)

thriftymrs said...

Just saw your message on the shop.
My email should work okay -

Hope you are well.
And the website thing sounds great and exciting.

Anonymous said...

Have tagged you .... see my blog for details!

Don't feel obliged to do it though - just a bit of fun!

Vintage Tea said...

What a lucky swap partner I am ;o) these gifts you're already thinking up are just too much! LOL!

Victoria xx

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh can i steal your fab swap items ideas please LOL
you are a funny lady :-D
Lesley x

Elaine said...

Wow Angel, I haven't done the blogs for what seems like ages.

Fabulous post, and I think I might nick your swap ideas, I can always sprinkle them with a bit of glitter for the Christmas swap.

Love and blessings