Thursday, 7 May 2009

Thank you Mr Singh.

I av gust got gack from the dentist, so i am in sock justht a little bit.

Now then, Mr Singh is a lovely man, a butcher by trade, but lovely with it. He is so kind and gentle of voice, he makes you feel at ease, he talks with a soft accent that lulls even his scardested patients into a sense of well being.
When i first ventured into his surgery.......... what now......... hum.......... must have been 16 years ago, i was a frightened young thing, used to having the teeth dragged from my mouth by Mr Dastard of Hackney.......... so it came as a nice surprise to meet Mr Singh...... he has been looking after me teef for all that time. Has been patient with me and never took anything out of my mouth that i hadn't agreed to first.
So, what with he Darling Daughter getting married i slipped into his practice the other month and asked sheepishly............ Oi, Jamial [see we are on first name terms]..... Oi Jamail, giz a set of those gnashers that are white and straight, ya know like the ones on the telly.......... raising his eye heavenward he replied "OK Shabby, sit down and lets have a look what we can do".
Well, he then goes on to tell me how, "Your teeth are fine Shabby, just a little bit of straightening, and you will have the perfectus front teeth of your dreams".... well, that's what i heard..... he may have said ......."You are joking of course, you must be joking!........insert raucous laughter here.. HAHAHAHAHA" .............But i couldn't exactly tell you lot that could i! ...... DOH................. Anyhow, i went this afternoon to have my front teeth porcelainededed [instead of me God given enamel] and as i sat back on the chair, a smile gathered on his lips........... his assistant grabbed me by the shoulders and head locked me into a ........ erm.......... headlockey fing, i was clamped to the seat by what felt like 12 Sumo wrestlers. The room darkened and i heard the whirl of the drill .......... i woke for about 1 minute, seeing the 4 tiny stumps in the reflection of his face mask which sent me into yet another deep ravine of hystericals............ i awoke some time later and was handed a mirror "look at them Shabs" Jamail said, so i did. Thank God i said, it was all a dream, these are my actual teeth, No he said they are a copy of your ACTUAL teeth........... swoon ............... apparently i go back in two weeks for the real ones to be fitted, where once again he will hack off these temporary ones and install the real False real ones............ i think?
M'off for a lie down now........... i don't feel to well................. *Big Toofy Grin*

Now the moral of this story is.................. Why the eck didnt she just elope!!!!!!!!

Off for a bit of Liposuction next week............ i shall let you know................lolololol


Elaine said...

I am full of admiration Angel, brimming over in fact.
You must be the most wonderful mummy in all the world doing this for your daughter.
I hope she appreciates the effort and sacrifice you are making for this wedding.

Love and blessings

Word for today is *pastrid*, now isn't that strange???
That's what I would call my dentist if I had one ;)

angel said...

Hahahahahaha..... err..... no, i get no sympathy nuffin......... you'd a thought a little bit of thanks, wouldnt ya..... hahahahaha

I will call my dentist a *pastrid* next time i see him.... :-) i wonder how much that ones gunna hurt ........ :-)

Lace hearts said...

woohoo, bet ya look so great, and your dd will be so proud - she won't be hiding you at the back now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
And why aren't you coming on the 16th. I'm still red-eyed and sobbing. I'm not sleeping anymore cos of that, you knows.
Now, what the heck are you on about... you need to email me with precisely what you want. Of course it'll be a pleasure, but I need it in Eeeeengerleeeesshh. Whaddidyawant? 'GoodRiddance' and 'Get your chips 'ere?' That's a lot of letters. It'll take me years.
Another hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Cough, choke.
I will not give them junk food... look what's happened to you. Walking example of why it needs to be good stuff. I will give them home cooked slaved over authentic top of the range stuff. He will eat the bliddy lasagne. After all, Garfield loved it. I keep telling him that.
Lubs you loads and loads, even though you lubs your dentist more. Mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx
ps. my word is glake. No more bonkings. Huh.

Anonymous said...

Oooer, get you!! Posh smile n all!

Marianne said...

What a great story! I can almost hear mr Singhs Indian accent readin your story!
I have to have dental work done a month. My dentist is very good looking, but I still not looking forward to it.
Have a nice weekend!

Lace hearts said...

No, I don't believe your word was tries. I just don't! Except, it's funny this... but my word is ringstry!
So 'try' is the theme of today's words, huh!
Your getting battier with each comment you leave. I blame it on wedding nerves. Or you've got toothache again, and have to go back to Mr Wotsit the Dentist. But I still lubs you tons, and I'm still heartbroke that you won't be there on Sat. Sob.
Mwah. Lots and lots of cuddles and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx oh, and I'll try and Fb heart... <3

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

What d'yer think to this - there's a lass whose blog is called The World of Twiggy Peasticks claiming to be a-pleasuring OUR David Tennant. I've left her a message that we're causing a bit of a queue outside the TARDIS. You can click through to her blog from my "Blogs I Read" list. Nice to back from my hols, I missed you too! SueX

twiggypeasticks said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog this is Twiggy from the World of Twiggypeasticks calling. As I've said to Sue, Mr DT has worn me out, I'm as weak as a kitten so cannot possible fight at the moment:) By the way I tried to publish your comment and it vanished!!! what's that all about are you a Time lord or something.
Twiggy x

Elaine said...

Thought we might have got an update today *taps foot, slightly impatiently*

word for today is *sulant*
This means "no quite so good" ;)