Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Aint i spoilt rotten......

Bloomin Myrtle sent me this Delicious bag, i love it :-)
As i am a numpty, i have put the pictures round the wrong way. tsk tsk....
The first picture is inside out as i wanted to show you the details, it has a gazzilion pockets a little fingy to put my keys on, did i say "I LOVE IT"
Anyhow, it fits like a glove.
I have bad shoulders and neck and cant lift my arms to high [violin playing in background] so always have problems buying/using bags.
Well our lovely BM came to the rescue with this little number.
Thank you so much Elaine, I love you so much. <3

See how pretty it is, the right way round.
BM's attention to detail is second to none, she makes everything perfectly.
When i grow up i wanna be Elaine.

Earlier in the week i was admiring Sharie's blog and happened upon these lovelies, so i begged, pleaded and sold my grandmother for a fiver so as sharie would give it to me..... and bless her heart she did! how kind is she! [actually Sharie offered them to me! i didn't have to ask, isn't blog land the best place ever.]
Go look at her blog she is such a great blogger.
[Don't look at the chipped nail polish, i have to go buy some remover stuff]
I wanted to show you the detail, ickle beads, so sweet.

10 meters of these lovelies as well, ain't i spoiled....
I have to pin these round the candles on Danielles wedding Candelabras [all 24 of them, *swoon*] they are gunna look scrummy, of course i shall do pictures when they are finished.

Thank you Both so much, i love you both so much.

Pucker up, I'm coming in for a snog


A Thrifty Mrs said...

Aww wow, what lovely people. :)
Such lovely things to recieve too.

claire said...

cos you are worth it xxxxxxx
(and I accidentally ordered some of that very same fabric from the prisoner of azkaban :).
can't wait to see all the gorgeousness you are making for dan's wedding xx

Mary Poppins said...

What lovelies for you angel, the bag and beads are beautiful :)
How lovely of BM and S.

I enjoyed looking at some photographs of the girls, looks like you had a fabulous time, apart from the bag incident

D looks beautiful :)

love and hugs


claire said...

angel as if I'd ban ya!!
nope I have bin playing with having a blog with pics of the boys on...probably won't as our mate lastic taught me a way of keeping it all in one place without posting click on 'save as draft' flupping genius she is :) :0!!!
next time we have a meet we really want you there xxxxx

MelMel said...


Lovely bag, fab colour!xxx

Elaine said...

Thanks for the plug Anglepops xxxx
Love the sparkley twinkly things, any lovely of Sharie to send them, bless her.
Of to put another order in ay Alkatrazz now *wink*
(before blummin Claire buys everything!!!)

Love and blessings

Word for today SPLUCKST..........
That it a word to use when slapping forehead methinks!

Country Bliss said...

Gorgeous bag angel, BM is so clever. Lovely beads too they'll look fab on the candles.
Yvonne x

Lajoni said...

Elaines makes are soooooooooo gawjus you could just as easily wear them inside out, she is just soo bloomin' clever that one
and what a lovely thing for Sharie to do it was a a very kind gesture xxx

sharie said...

Glad you got them Ok! I was wondering if the postman had nicked um and was wearing em round his hat.
Happy that you finally allowed me to send them to you. (she was scared in case I was a stalker at first but I explained I've not got time for stalking people)

angel said...

Sharie, that is so not true! i would love to have anyone of you as my stalker?........ No that came out wrong, if i was gunna have a stalker, i would want it to be yous.... no thats not right either............. Oh you know what i mean......:-)

Elaine said...

I'll see what I can do about the birdhouse feeder. They are very pretty.

Wondering about this word......
"Forthe"............. sake of fabric addiction maybe ???