Saturday, 30 May 2009

Button Hunt...... let the games begin...

The Button hunt is on.
Well i have been on the search for what seems like months, for a button, Lastic kec's over on *Lace Hearts* is making something, probably something really horrible, but i have tried my hardest to find something suitable, well as you can see i don't have any buttons.
So i really don't know what to do!

I have looked everywhere........... nuffin!

I looked in every nook and cranny......... nuffin!

Eventually i found the only buttons that seem to be in our house.

Don't fank me yet Lastic, co's i am still deliberating which ONE to send you.
Whayafink. :-)


Lajoni said...

well it has got to be a special button hasn't a lot of thought must go into the choice of the 2 extremely err unusual little white buttons

Elaine said...

Great buttons, I wouldn't be able to choose which one ???????

But the round things in the other photos, well I'm sure I could find a use for them LOL

Love and blessings

Word for today. Witer.
Mmmm neither whiter or witter mmmmm

Country Bliss said...

Yummy buttons in the first 2 pictures but the last picture well what can I say .... stunning!
Yvonne x

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that you are the cause of Lacey taking sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long to get this surprise buttontastic secret finished??

I don't know... Tsk Tsk...

Lace hearts said...

You do realize that you're helping me out by not having sent me a button yet, don't you! LMHO. You are potty. Thing is, you're such a bezzie blogging mate, I can't show everyone what I is doing, if I don't have the finishing touch from my bezzie mate... can I.
So, I figures it is your fault that it's taking weeks, no scrub that, months longer than promised.
And you are soooooo wrong. It's brill. Not minging at all. You are gonna be so jelly-ous. But upset if you're not included. So I'll just have to wait. The buttons in the top two pics should just about do it. Elaine sent me a bundle of gorjus ones, did you know. As for Laj, WOW.
Haha just read Janie's comment - she's bright that one. Got it in one, gal! It's angelfault's fault. Mwah, lubs ya, mwah no hurry, just take your time. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and lots of lovely smackers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hope you haven't tripped over your tummy again. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and you aren't too sore xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbie said...

Blimey I've never seen so many buttons. BTW I wanna see your 2 Archies! LOL

Mary Poppins said...

Buttons, buttons where are your yonder buttons, mmmmmm would you likey some of my button haul, looks like you could do with some !

Luvs Ya ;)


MelMel said... are you doing?

Good lot of buttons there!

I'm sure which ever of the buttons you give to Lacey, she will treasure it, cos its from you!xxxx