Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Wedding Hunt is on...

Morning world.......... who am i kidding....... Morning lastic, Beaches, Elaine..... lol i know yous will come and read my drivel. :-)

I have been rooting round the the t'internet looking for candelabras.

My mate Sandie at *Dancing on a blade of grass* [see side bar cos i dunno how to do the do da fingy on here, she is a nutter and as mad as a cat with a chilblain, but worth a look anyhow. :-)] As i was saying, she came up with some beauties, but as my poot is flippin playing up i cant email the person......... :-(

So i just want to say Fanks Bladie, your a star but could you find out if they have 24 of them for me............. fanks........ have i told you lately that i love you........ Hummm :-).
Its all go on the Wedding front at the moment......... rush rush rush, well for me its more like saunter saunter saunter........... lol anyhow i am looking for a whole load of stuff, one of the other things i am desperate for is White feathers, all sorts of them, long, short, thick, thin you name it i want it............. so get looking girls i'm relying on you all........... *smile*
Love and hugs MWAH X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X and for Mr Blades a special
MWAH., sorry Bladie, couldn't resist.........:-)


Anonymous said...

Helllooooooo .... glad you managed to stay connected Angel.

Did you manage to see my Forum post about Mahwah? Mr Blades was watching a programme about Les Paul (a legendary American guitarist apparently) and they mentioned he was born at Mahwah ... he IMMEDIATELY thought of you!

Mahwah is here.,_New_Jersey

Anyways, no reply from the e-bay lady yet but if she has a business then hopefully will hear from her tomorrow. I would hope that she'd do a very good price for a bulk order.

So .... keep connected young lady!!!

Mahwah, Mahwah, Mahwah ... (apparently it's Indian for meeting point or something like that!)

loads of hugs and stuff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Don't know what you want to use the white feathers for .... but you could pluck a boa!

These are only £3.99

Lajoni said...

This site is all things fact feathers for weddings ..fancy dress...boas...what feather for what samples. I know if all of SS got some free samples your made...ha Sorted!! NEXT....ivi

Lajoni said...

oooops forgot the link....silly me....STOP LAFFING!!

Lace hearts said...

Good grief, what's Mr Blades getting smooches for? Huh. What have I missed. Better not show Mr Lace, or he'll get jelly-ous! LOL.
Right, so I need to look our for white feathers do I cos Dancing's got you sorted. Okay. Will catch a few seagulls. There's enough around here.
Don't put yourself down btw. Your blog is fabulous WHEN YOU GET AROUND TO POSTING. You're just so funny. I'm sure zillions read it but they're too scared to comment. Haha. Love the picture you texted. Now, why not put it on your blog? Huh?! See, brains. Sure peeps would love to see it.
Big hugs. Will get your giveaway posted later this week. Not tomrw though. Mwah mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and lots more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and a few more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and extras xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and don't you dare disappear from pooter land. Get sorted. Soon! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

second wind said...

Wotcha gunna do with them feathers then? Those candelabra thingys look very posh, well done Sandie.You'll have loads to post about with all the preparations ahead. xx Deb

angel said...

Oi Dancing and you lajoni, i cant get onto either of those sites... :-( and i so wanted to pluck a boa......... lolololol.
White sexy and six foot long!!!!!!!

Lastic, i wish i knew how to put the pic on my camera on here, buty you know me a flippin Technoidea.... :-( my DS said something about bluetooff but he i dont want a flammin dentist ..... sheesh kids ay.......

MWAH for Mr Lastic [hate leaving people out..... share the lurve].
Fanks for all your help and comments and keep up the feather lookee for me. MWAH X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

Elaine said...

Hello Angel xxx

I'm popping some ideas for pics(wink) in the post. There's 12, hopefully one of them will do the job.
For boas, try somewhere like Claire's accessories or New Look, they might even be in the sail. Failing that you could always pluck M_Ps seagull *eeeekkk!*

Love and blessings

LittleGem said...

Hello! Got your candalabras sorted yet?? Glad you like the of these days I might get to send to you :) I'm sending lotsa love too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MWAH!
P.S yeah wotcha doing with the feathers???

Anonymous said...

Yes, what ARE you going to do with the feathers?

angel said...

I am going to put the feathers on ermmmmm no im not gunna tell you, you will all have to wait till i can get a picture up on here, i have one on my phone but i cant down/up load it..... Flip Flip Flip ........ oh i wish i was clevererererer.......tsk

sharie said...

What about a turkey farm fo the feathers? Coure they'd have to have white turkeys.....
Or one of them ostritch farms? They will have fancy feathers and sell them cheaper than anyone.
We have parrots that are always losing their feathers but you don't want them cos they are red and stink.

Country Bliss said...

I'm intrigued to know what you're going to do with the feathers, apart from ebay I wouldn't know where to get them though. Plucking a feather boa from 'Claires' would probably work out cheaper. Good luck.
Yvonne x

MelMel said...

Hello, how are you?xxx

MaryPoppins said...

What about a feather duster eh :)