Tuesday, 6 January 2009

And the winner is
Claire............ yooooohoo
Post me your addy please.........:-)


MelMel said...

Drat.....no orange crab for me!

But I'm so glad clare won...well done that women...xxx

Elaine said...

Don't suppose there's any chance of a recount??????????

Oh well. (hehehe)

Well done Claire xxxx

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo where was I when this happened, Ohooo well done Claire, dont you know me is feeling miserable and gloomy, one of those delicious blue cameos would cheer me right up :)

Lovely goodies there angelpoops, so gloomy, something to do with January methinks

Wishing you and your Family a very Happy New Year




MaryPoppins said...

My how I would have wished to win your prize.

They really are a feast for the eyes,

Now claire you have plenty and MelMel, Elaine, Country Bliss, Lacey and Lajoni's hands are empty,

So go on give us a treat, the cameos right up my street,

And we shall love you because your so sweet

Mmmmm not sure my poem shall work its magic on the delightful claire, worth a go eh gals


Lace hearts said...

Good one, Mary - you can give it a go! I'm sobbing my little heart out. Those birds, the crabs she could have given us, the cameos... sniff.
But, they are going to such a lovely winner. Well done Claire! Woo hoo! lots of hugs to you Angel, hope you are okay ... xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx and a few more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx what you up to? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx nighty night - sleep tight.

angel said...

Whoohoo... come on Claire giz ya Addy woman, you cant get outta it now thy knows..... lol.

Fanx girlies for leaving comments, i know i am not about much lately, but all will become apparent eventually [why im not].... did that make sense!
Anyhow...... come on Claire... whoohoo......... lol

MelMel said...

Hi sweetie....thank you for the comment....

Your a wonderful angel pie!!!!

lajoni said...

Well done claire they are lovely....and I'm sorry Angel but nothing you say will ever become clear lol..mwah mwah xxx

MelMel said...

*broad grin*

Thank you sweetie!

Have a super weekend, I'm going to bed now...Wedding in Sussex tomorrow....early start!


claire said...

Who me?? Really!!
I'm all embarrassed.........(but not that embarassed he he!!)
Fank you Angel xx

MaryPoppins said...

Do you want my address angel, I know where Clairey lives and I can send them to her, there was only one cameo in the prize wasn't there :)

Thank you so much for the lovely words,

I had a little hospital visit and dont really like the places so was very nervous, and with it being my least favourite month was making me very gloomy, feel much better

And a little cameo would make me feel even betterer :) Ha Ha, we all loved your prize, didnt we, hope Clairey is alright, shes lovely

Love and Many many Hugs



second wind said...

Well done Claire. Have you got a crafty project in mind for them I wonder. Lovel giveaway Angel and sorry I've not visited you lately xx

LittleGem said...

Wow angel thats alota comments for me!! Thankyou you are sooo sweet and just so ya know that everyone loves you too - you are the life and soul of the forum! :) I don't know how I missed this giveaway...no cameo for me :(

Lots of love and hugs xxx

P.S I did get the red chine but it has *sob* not been taken out of the box yet and wont be til I finish this flammin essay!!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hi, Angel,
Sorry long time no talk!
I`ve been away from blogging for a bit, so I could concentrate on getting Christmas and New Year out of the way!
I sure missed reading your lovely posts!
And I`m hoping to read many more over this year too!
Debbie Moss


sharie said...

Well done Claire!

I must have been ill at the time cos I missed your lovely giveaway.

Anonymous said...