Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tsk tsk!

The perfect award.
When i was writing *Great expectorants* i was completely aware that i had talent, and was a writer wiv great potential.
Then when i wroted a *Midwintersnight Dream* i knew that it was all about the words.
So whenever i write my blog, i am acutely aware that others draw inspiration from those "Words"
If you are new to my blog, please draw from it what you will, take the richness that flows thought the strands of communicating that, like silk, wrenched from the worms warm body [see that was clevererer writing words] my words, slither off the page into the great bin of life, keeping the reader totally confused and yet, sadly wanting, nay Needing more!
Anyhow enough about the perfect diction from me and to the whole reason for this post.......
I nicker-ted your Award.........nah nah nah nah nah.
>>>>>>>>>>>Running at great speed, incase Blissy finds out>>>>>>>>>>>


Lace hearts said...

Deep intake of breath.

ANGEL! You nicked an award. A Blog Traversity!!!!

But your post made me laugh, so that's okay. So

who ya giving it to...huh!?

Mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you're forgiven cos you're in more trouble with CB xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

angel said...

I aint giving it away, it took me ages to steal it in the first place.
Go steal yaownlady........lol

Elaine said...

The word verification today certainly never matches your posts
Your posts are the very very leastest of stalery I've ever read.

Love and blessings

Lajoni said...

You have a legit award xxx

MelMel said...

Morning Angel.....norty...stealing awards.....oh dear....:>)))

Have you stashed it along with your other awards?


MaryPoppins said...

I am sure angel is only borrowing it for a while, arn't you angel, you are going to give it back arn't you angel :)

Loving the sound of your craft room, how I wish I had one of those :)

Good Luck


MelMel said...

How you cheer my day up!!

Think you need to come and live here.....:>))

BUT no stealing!

Hey where is my chocolate gone!*puzzled expression*.....Mel then spys Angel running at top speed......clutching a huge bar of chocolate that Mel had planned to eat on her half day........

Anonymous said...

Are you attempting to be Russel Brand?

angel said...

Well Anon, if he [whoever "He" is steals awards, then we are very alike]........:-)

Caroline said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog I am glad you liked it. I love getting new people visiting & specially those that comment.

Thanks for playing Wednesday's Word have a look at my new post to see yours & everbodys elses meaning. I have linked it back to you.
Caroline xoxo

Caroline said...

Oh of course I know you don't steal your an angel aren't you!!
LOL but if you want to come play again that would be great or maybe if you want to put Mr Linky on your post so the whole WORLD could play that would be so cool. AH!! dreaming & waffling on AGAIN :-)

Caroline said...

Thanks for attending the wedding & being a bridesmaid.
Did you see me in MY tutu. Do you think my butt looked big in it maybe I should have chosen a purple one instead of orange.

sharie said...

That is very pretty? Where is mine? No one has bothered even letting me have a sniff of this award. The only thing I can do is go and sit in my (muddy) garden and cry.

Lace hearts said...

Just popping in with my cocoa to see if you've been arresticated for stealing that awrd yet!? And if you've passed it on to me yet of course. Big hugs. Think you should do a post about wedding prep soon. You must be prepping. Big xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and a few more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and one more x and okay just another one or two xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sleep tight. xxxxxxxxxxx
haha password is doger - just needs a d, and Artful in front of it!

Lace hearts said...

Hahahahahha now the password is BOG RAN

Country Bliss said...

Very funny, you're very welcome to it but now you owe me!!
Yvonne x