Thursday, 22 January 2009

Mummy's little soldier.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Anthony
Happy Birthday to you.

I remember the day you were born as if it were yesterday, i have never known such pain!
24 hour of freaking agony, i felt as if my womb was being ripped out of me by some person with a red hot poker type fing.
As i cradled you in my arms, i thought that this was the worst day of my life, here you were all squidgy and soft with the perfect smile [soon wiped that off your face] a button nose, the bluest of eyes and an olive skin that a supermodel would be proud of...................
Hang on a minute.......... Olive skin! that cant be right, and those eyes were blue yes, but they had a yellow look to them that was slowly getting darker and a deeper yellow!......... humm.......... what the ecks going on here i thought? if i had not just watched you emerge like the creature from the black lagoon from my body, i would have sworn you were Chinese!
That was when you were whisked away from us and we were told you had Jaundice.
I remember being beside myself with sadness and cried as if my heart would break.
Yes, it was the worse day of my life, thinking i may lose the most precious thing in my life, yet it was the best day of my life, because you were born and yes you thrived.
Your are a flippin huge Rugby playing man now.
You are handsome you are gentle, loving, caring and kind and have the world at your feet.
Your Mummy's little soldier and always will be.
I thank God that i have been Blessed with Beautiful sons [oh and a beautiful Daughter...... tsk tsk...... fancy forgetting......]
Happy Birthday Son.
Don't suppose there is any chance you will be moving out soon.............. no i thought not...... lol.


MaryPoppins said...

angel he sounds perfick :), and your daughter too.

Happy Birthday Mr.angels Son, have a lovely day. you have a lovely mum, and she is gloriously funny and makes us all laugh, lucky you having her for a mum :)


Raspberry Grace said...

He's lovely!, and so are you!

Love, Rasp xx

Country Bliss said...

Happy birthday Angel's son! Well put MP he is lucky to have her for a mum.
My youngest had jaundice too, not nice!
Yvonne x

Sal said...

Ha son got stuck..big shoulders!!
Your son is gorgeous..thanks for visiting my blog ;-)

second wind said...

Doesn't seem possible does it, that those squidgy little scraps turn into such wonderful young people. You've done a great job Angel, too good obviously, if he's still in residence lol. Hope the Angel family all have a great day.xx

Lace hearts said...

I can't yet imagine my three as adults. It must be an amazing thing to see them fully independent. Sounds as if he's a perfect son, and a perfect reflection of you. Lovely post - made me laugh. xxxxxxxx and lots more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hope you're okay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

What a lovely kind face he has! I hope he's had a wonderful birthday (I've only just got on here today! - been volunteering)

It doesn't seem possible that sons can get so BIG! I have a teddy bear wearing a little blue jumper that my son wore at 6 months old. No-one believes me when I tell them he used to wear it!

Yep ... you've done a brilliant job Angel ... you must be very PROUD!


LittleGem said...

Aw what a lovely post angel! Hope he had a lovely day! xx

angel said...

Just got back from the Thai restaurant....... m'all stuffed now, we had cake, candles and everything.
Anthony had a great day, :-) thank you all for your sweet messages.:-)


Lajoni said...

What a lovely looking lad....I really hope he has your sense of humour xxx

Elaine said...

Sorry I hadn't commented before, I thought I had *blush*.
You must one Yummy Mummy to have such a stunning son.

Btw, did you get the letter??

Love and blessings

MaryPoppins said...

Thank for the lovely comment, yes I should be proud of Master. P, glad you enjoyed the Thai restaurant, sounds lovely, yum yum :)


MaryPoppins said...
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MaryPoppins said...

You have an award :)


Elaine said...

Hello Angel. Ditto to mary's post (above)