Monday, 11 August 2008

Dan & Beany's Engagement Party

My Daughter Danielle had her official Engagement party on Saturday, she got Engaged to a lovely bloke called Paul, [because we have a Paul already we call him *Beany*].
We had 2 marquee's a live band [Son Paul's band] and about 150 guest's, we had a great time and played *dodge the flying debris* and *How long can you hang on to the Marquee pole, before your your fingers go blue*also another game that went down well was *Bobbing for Burgers* the BBQ was soggy to say the least, lol.
The youngest Granddaughter had the right idea.

She is snug as a bug, Bless her.

All the pretty things i had hung up got blown away or soaked and shrunk, the candles were too soggy to light, the bunting that took me weeks to sew is still hung in the tree looking very sorry for itself, lol.

The Band had to be squished into the *Summerhouse* [though they were the only dry people in Bentwood] they played wonderfully even though their eardrums may take time to heal.
Especially when Danielle gave her rendition of *I will always Love You* in fact we all wanted to pelt her with rotten eggs, but couldn't find any...........................
The cutting of the cake was lovely Beany was all excited and liked the romance of it all.
Dan got over excited and decided to squish it in his face........................ That's my girl.

Then the kiss.

It was a lovely evening despite the rain and the wind, even all the effort that had been put into the decorations had not been wasted, if it had snowed we would have loved it, disappointed, No Never, I am a proud Mother of a Beautiful Daughter and a Handsome soon to be Son in law.
All i ask is that God Blesses them both in abundance and they live a happy and healthy life together for many many years.

Shabby angels serious post [wow you wont see many of these, lol]


claire said...

Ah what a gorgeous post. XxX
Who cares about the weather - its the love that counts :) Xx
You did them proud - hope you get chance to sit with a pack of choccy bics to relax today :) Xx

Elaine said...

It sounds wonderful, and you'll have lots of memories to look back on, and stories to tell future grandchildren.

Love and blessings

Country Bliss said...

I'm so pleased you had a great time despite the rain, now you'll have to put your feet up and start planning the wedding!!
Yvonne x

Trish said...

awwww hunny, shame about the nasty weather, but it looks like you all had fun any way, congrats to the happy couple xxx

angel said...

We all had a lovely night, though i didnt take many photo's [to busy holding down one of the Marquees] but OH took some so hopefully i will get to see them and download some from his camera, and bore you all some more. lol
Thank you to all of you who helped to make the day perfect. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X

Martha said...

Hello and thanks for stopping by to visit my blog! I am making so many new friends, I so wish we were all closer, the fun we could have!

Sorry about the weather for the engagement party, but I bet in everyone's hearts all was sunny and bright. I wish them both the best!

Thanks about my Annies too!

Hugs, Martha

sharie said...

I bet you were really proud and I bet your bunting looked lovely too.
Best wishes to your daughter and boyfriend for the future

sharie said...

I bet you were really proud and I bet your bunting looked lovely too.
Best wishes to your daughter and boyfriend for the future

Elaine said...

You have an award. You are now a "Creative Blogger".

Pop along to my blog to pick it up.

Love and blessings

Lace Threads said...

How lovely it sounds - the weather just makes it typically English! Love the piccies, specially the clever littleun! You are most certainly blessed.
Have missed you lots. xxxxxxxxxx