Sunday, 24 August 2008

Ok Girlies,
I have awarded you the CBA, Dont ask me how to put it on your blogs, co's i'm fick and aint got a scooby doo what to do.

I have giveded it to you because i love's ya all, oh and because BM has knicked all the good people, lol.

Alright dont get all attitudie, just be grateful you got one at all. *Smile* well more of a *Snigger* really.

You know i'm only playing. [sheesh, take a joke will ya. tsk tsk].


Elaine said...

Anyone can pick up the award by clicking on it and saving it in "received files".The c&p onto the blog.

It would be lovely to see more of your gorgeous work Angel, how about some of the bags?????

Love and blessings

Country Bliss said...

Thanks for the award, I've been away for the past week so it was a nice surprise when i got back on the computer!

sharie said...

Well done for getting the award Hun.