Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Non-sence, more of the same!

Goad Moaning, i em zee chebby engles distunt relitiff, rite engle.
Chebby says et vill be cokeydocky for moi to poist on er bog zite.
I av nown zee chebs for zee numbre tow loong, shees veery beeutiful she showld be givded ern eward foer beeing so beeutiful.
I av urnoover rellitiff oow wood lick tooo say surmfing, goo a'ed aboot er, is nome is angel grinder.

Et is wit the gweatest presure sat i kum oon ear to zank the Shrubby for leetiung ous use er shite for pooplication........ oooh moost roon.......vury quikly erway, i ear a flurtur oov er wings..............

Oi, you two, git off me blog, tsk tsk, i dunno you leave the room for five min's and all an sundry get on here bismirchin me site................ and me good name.

I thought i would give you the benifit of my many years worth of medical knowledge to tell you about a little known ailment called "inonuffin" or "Wasntme" this is only found in one in a billion angels, yet its found in many a guilty person.

On speaking to my 9 year old Granddaughter, i asked who had put the satsuma down between the cushions of the sofa about a month ago last Friday, now my Granddaughter must suffer from this ailment co's straight away she said "wasntme" when asked if maybe she knew it was she said "inonuffin".
Now take heart, there is a cure its called "tellathetrufforismackeryabum" it is a new concept in medicine and in trials but it seems to be working..........................

No child was hurt in the making of this mockery.
All children were suspended by their toenails during any interview whilst being bound and gaged till their parents came home and released them.

I get out of babysitting forever and ever and ever and ever and ever...........................Yahoo, see it's worth trying something new and getting ahead in the Grandparent game.


Trish said...

??????????????? eh?????????????
mad bloody woman :)

angel said...

I dunno my Ds thought it would be funny?????


I found that satsuma in my sofa, it was minging........... yuk, furry and slimey.yuk.

Lace Threads said...

Oh dear, I feel zey vil kum and take you away velly velly soon now.
You are truly, how zey zay, priceless.
Big hugs, xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Thanks for stopping by, and for your lovely comment!
My blog can be pretty, but yours is the funniest blog that I have ever visited!
You have such a great sense of humour!
From a MAD woman TO ANOTHER!

Elaine said...

My dearest Angel, you have surpassed yourself (probably on the way back from Cheapo)
Love and blessings

claire said...

Barking xXXxXX

Country Bliss said...

Angel you been at the whisky again?
It'll addle your brain you know!!

sharie said...

Youse be nuts me dear! Makes me wonder about me.... I keep coming back for more of the same!
Angel never change, you're brilliant. :-0 )

Lace Threads said...

Angel - I didn't know you had a whiskey problem?!
LMHO. Mwah. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx