Wednesday, 4 June 2008

"The Flight of the Shabbychic-ers"

"The flight of the Shabbychic-ers"
The story unfolds

There is a sudden downpour and Lacy nicks looks out of a gingham draped window in despair, after a week of being couped up re-covering a full set of 22 chairs and a foldaway Ikea table, she sighs, nothing is going right, "this is to much" she tells herself, "How will I ever get to the boot sale in this weather" a knock brings her out of her reverie, opening her front door she See's her old friend Trixilixie, "Hi Lackie" trixie drops her sopping wet coat on the newly sanded and polished hall floor, floating into the kitchen she switches on the new coffee grinding machine [£52 in Argros] that lackie legs picked up from eway for 27p, pulling a habigat mug from the habigat mug tree, she made them both a steaming hot coffee, "Cheer up Lackie" trixie tries to bring her friend out of her sullen mood, "Nezt has a home sale on" Hearing this great news and knowing that the Nezt sale is a wonder of the seven sales, she is immediately transported to a place she hasn't visited for many moons, "come on girl, get a wriggle on" we only have 7 days left, says triixielips.
But Lackie is stuck in time, searching for an image long ago put aside, suddenly its back in a flash, "I have to find my Nezt voucher" she hurried to the newly decorated [in Lauren Ashby newest colours] under the stair closet, pulled out the basket where all her memories of Full fat laite's and cream doughnuts are kept hidden from all but her eyes.
Picking through the receipts of long gone promises, she finds the golden ticket to true happiness, a £5 gift voucher for Marks & Expensive she says in a happy tone, that she has not been able to use all week, "Look see, trixiechops, B*gger Nezt, lets go splurge out with Marks & Expensive" so forgetting her golden ticket of true happiness she settles for the ninth wonder of the material world.
Just as they were hurrying to Lackies car [they would have taken trixiepits but she was having a service done that day] they spied there new bestest friends, "Hi Bloomin Myrtle, Hi Pipkin, Where are you two going....................................................


Lace Threads said...

I do hope this isn't based on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How neat! I get to star in my old blog soop SAGA. Brill. I am laughing a lot. But, Angelpoops didn't star?!
Glad to hear Rasp won. I got a bit worried there. Warn us next time you have a giveaway so we know to avoid you!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

angel said...

Lol, You are so funny, dont be daft it's not about you silly, tsk tsk.

I have a box of Antique lace to give away, but maybe I shouldnt bother then. Hummmmmm


Raspberry Grace said...

Lol @Marks & Expensive..

*hopes angel will be kind to me and BM*

*very worried*

Rasp xx

Lace Threads said...

A BOX!!!!!!!!!!!
A BOX OF LACE!!!!!!!!!
Gasp, cough, splutter. Choke.
But I'm its natural home!!!!!!!!!
It's been waiting all these years for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps. I can't wait for the Rasp and BM story!!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

Wonderful adventures are waiting for all I'm sure (I think I'll go and change my name now !)

Really good first chapter, when's the nezt installment?

Lacey babes, me thinks, if such a box is available, then we'll just have to share.

Love and blessings,


Lace Threads said...

Sharing is good. I can do sharing!!!!!!!! Perhaps you should do one piece at a time: drip feed us!
Anyway, where are you. Missing you already...

Trish said...

have you been spying on me miss anglegrinder???????? do not mention the car and service in the same sentence please :O!!!!!!!!!!!!
mad bloomin woman!!!!!

Trish said...

and that box of lace is MINE ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lace Threads said...

Pah, don't listen to Tricks. Me n Elaine have a deal! She's getting 10%.
When you gonna update your post, so I'm not in the first line, anyhow?

Raspberry Grace said...

Lol @ *Nezt installment* Elaine.. how comes I can never come out with that sort of line?!

(I just do all the boring stuff that no one likes to read..)

Love, Rasp xx

Lace Threads said...

Rasp: I often read your blog. Don't always understand it. But always read it. xxx
Angel: WHERE? WHEREDIDYOUSAY? You've gotta tell me. It's driving me nutz. I'll stop speaking to you.

Elaine said...

Hey Lacey, thanks for agreeing to share, especially as I get 95%, really generous, bless.

Angel, I'm eagly waiting with baited feet for the follow-up, where is it??