Wednesday, 4 June 2008

And the winner is.............Raspberry Grace............Yeah, well done won the billion year old Teapot.

Go Rasp Go Rasp Go Rasp *dancing round the room knocking stuff over at random*

You know what to do, Send me a pm over on Shabby chic or leave it here, I don't mind, but if you do I cant be held responsible for all the nutters that may or may not send you all sorts of rubbish and stuff that you really wouldn't want to get, think of your poor postman trying to fill his sack up each morning that is going to be well full to bursting with junk mail indispersed with bank statements and fliers from the local Curry house, pizza parlour, dog groomers etc, and what about auntie Mabel's letter that she only writes once a year as her arty ritis wont allow anymore than that, it may get lost in a hallway full of letters newspapers and yellow pages not to mention the local advertiser, that nobody wants or reads, why do they do that! if I wanted a paper I would buy a blimmin paper I don't want them slung on me mat every week and do you know they use child labour to disperse the local rag, £5 squid a thousand, its cruel! that's what it is, cruel.

Anyhow whatever is fine with me.
Bless you dear Rasp. MWAH


Elaine said...

Did you take your meds this morning Angel? Did you ? are you sure.

Bless you, my dear bonkers friend.

angel said...

Did I!!!!!!

Yeah, no, yeah, no, I dunno, did I?

Trish said...

wooohoooo I didn't get the 300 billion trillion year old teapot oppps sorry bugger I didn't win :(

lubs ya hun xxx

angel said...

I know you wanted it desperatly really, trictrak, you cant fool

But the next thing I post [later tonight] you ARE gunna want..........You will have to wait though, ahah, I'm saying nowt. Zip nada, zilch.

Raspberry Grace said...

Wooooo Hooo!!!!

I'm chuffed to bits! Honestly!

love, Rasp xx

angel said...

I'm Chuffed for you Honey. *Huggles*