Friday, 16 May 2008

This is a true likeness of me I had it done specially ahem, by one of those Photographers on Southend-on-sea beach front, as you can see the monkey escaped, apparently there is a reward out for him, he was last seen legging it up the promenade, with a packet of chips and a shandy under his arm, he answers to the name "Joyce" and should be approached with a cheeseburger and a fizzy drink.
Next time I go to have a picture done I am going to ask if they wouldn't mind shaving a few inches of them hips.
Have a shabby day.


Trish said...

angel, you have made me giggle this morning, did you get the monkey (or more importantly the chips) back yet hun??? lol

Raspberry Grace said...

You're all sparkly!

And I'd kill for your hips!

(I dunno about a monkey called Joyce though !)

love, Rasp xx