Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Oooooh Aaaaaaaah,

This is nice, its about 62ins long and about 40ins wide, I have had it about 3 years.

While on a shindig to South Africa, I happened upon this piece of gorgeousness.

I bartered with a lady who was about 140 years old, she had very arthritic hands, Bless.

It was a traumatic time for me, yes I felt sorry for her knobbly hands and yes I knew I had to offer her a reasonable amount for her efforts as she had spent a year hand weaving this piece and thought that £35 was reasonable for all her hard work, pain and suffering :-( now I on the other hand wanted a bargain. Oh what to do!!! pay her for all that toil, or grab it out of her gnarled hands and leg it.

I took the second option and high-tailed it up the road as fast as my legs would carry me.

Yes I was caught, nothing wrong with her pins not a gnarl or a nobble anywhere!

She had me in a headlock that "Big Daddy" would have been proud of! slung me to the floor handcuffed me and dragged me to the local police station, where I spent two years in a cell no bigger than a very small swan Vesta box, starved and near to death. gasp.

After those long years, whiling away the hours, playing the mouth organ in scorching African heat and chatting with a kindly Rat called Colin, he had the goodness of heart to share his meagre food with me, bless him.

The old crone had a change of heart and asked the judge for leniency I was freed [after paying the initial £35 plus tax] to come back home to blighty. I was re-united with my cloth, thank God.

I feel have a lot to be thankful for, Colin without whom I would have gone mad maybe even started talking to myself, Thank you dear Colin wherever you are.

So Its with pain and sadness that I get rid of this lovely throw, table cloth, scarf wosit, but some holiday memories are just that, fond memories.

Leave a comment on here or on Shabby Chic forum and I will pull someones name out of the hat soon.

This is a fabricated story, not to be confused with any other story I may or may not tell later on, I am heartless and need medical help but I am desperate to get you all looking at my blog, so please keep looking in and tell your mates, I need to get rid of all these things as the house is overflowing with tat, all comments gratefully received, and laughed at...............................God Bless X


Elaine said...

That is beautiful angel xx

Love & blessings


Raspberry Grace said...

*stunned into silence*

Rasp xx


Lace Threads said...

Sorry - should have said, see my blog for how it works etc. x

Lace Threads said...

But the first thing didn't post - odd.
I've tagged you, because you are so funny. Hope you don't mind. xx

Lace Threads said...

And also, ha ha, it will get more people looking at your blog, which you are want sooooooo much! See, aren't I sweet. x

angel said...

Thanks Elaine. [I think].
Lol, Rasp.
Ta very much Lace threads. [giz a clue about this tagging business, if its what the police put round your leg, its alright as I'v already got one of those] lol

Your all in the hat. :-x

pennib said...

Love the scarf....the lady with the knobbly fingers is very talented!

Trish said...

angel you are a mad woman, but bloody heck do you make me laugh hunny xxx

claire said...

I'm so sorry your holiday ended so traumatically, at least you got a beautiful handmade item though :) x.....I like you, you are funny :)

angel said...

Pennib she still phones, dont understand a word she says but she is persistant. Lol

Yup, Trish I s'pose I am. Lol

Claire, thanks for your condolences, it was traumatic but, Im tough, I will have her next time, grrrrr [I'v been training, kick boxing, judo, Sushi] Im ready for her, and yes I have the cloth, it was worth it, in the end.

Lace Threads said...

Oh, you are funny:
you have to be honest! I thought you were a good pick as
a) we get to know all about you
b) I thought you may conceivably make it all up, in which case it would be a lot of fun!
c) it'll bring more peeps to your fabulous blog
Bliddy heck, as Trish would say, I've now left FOUR comments on one posting.
Gaw awn - give it a goooooo! I'll buy you a crunchie! x

angel said...

Ok so I just copy what you have said and thats it, then what I tag 6 others?

I can do that................Hhahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahha.

WATCH THIS SPACE LOL LOL LOL LOL, this is gunna be fun. *wicked grin*