Friday, 23 May 2008

Apparently I have been *Tagged* by lacy knickers on Lace threads, [I want that Crunchie Lacy].

I have to answer 6 Questions and give Honest answers. {yeah right, like thats going to happen}

1, what were you doing 10 years ago.

I was living with the Sheik "Ya Bellie" in the remote village of aggoooggoniiioooow, its a small town near Bayswater, we have 64 no 65 children and I remember sitting on the local wateringhole called *roundabouty* its leads to the 16th wonder of the world who's native name is *emtwentyfive* meaning "Many will come and sit for hours at a time" it has many brothers and sisters around this remote village. [one of its sisters is called *emione*also known for its sightseers] YA and I sat with all 66 children and decided that they needed to learn the wisdom of the Ford, so Ya gave his wealth of knowledge to the little ones, ah such fond memories, little shyte24, asked his papa, how can you tell a Capri from a Cosworth Papa, Ya replied fondly "Little shyte24, look at the sticker in the back window my child if it says *Knocked off in Hackney* its a capri, if it says *Knocked off in Harrow* its a Cosworth, my son".
YA has an amazing insite to such things " I tell you it bought tears to my eyes hearing his words of wisdom.

2, 5 things on my "To do list today"

1, Get up.
2, Drink Coffee.
3, Turn on pooter.
4, Eat.
5, Sleep.
6, Send this off into the wibble wibbly webbly just so I can annoy everyone.

3, Snacks I enjoy.

I have a particular perchance for the Glandus antus rectumious, it has a suptle yet distinctive taste, akin to the nosyparcarus gland, yet won't leave that nasty after taste in your mouth.

I also like Chocolates and icecream and M&S Prawn sarnie's oh, and jelly, cake, s'pecially fresh cream cake, flakes, roast potatoes, chips, broccoli, mars bars, cake, rice pudding, cake, I dont go in for snacking as you can see, not much tempt's me.

4, Things I would do if I was a millionaire.

Marry another millionaire, silly question really!

Oh but first I would have a face, bum, leg lift, plus a tummy tuck, breast implants and new hips and knee's.
Then give loads of my new husbands money to Charridee.

5, Places I have lived.

Here, there and everywhere, but mainly here.
I once lived in a town north of Catmandu but they threw me out for drug trafficking.
I had snuck in a pack of 16 paracetamol and got caught, it was my own fault I should have stuck them in a condomonium and swollowed them, but nothing would ever make me do that!!!!!

6, Now what was no six, oh yeah sorry to have to put you through this.
Who am I kidding I cant wait to read your bloggies.


Lace Threads said...

Shabs, get a grip. What an absolute load of tosh. I'm not sure that deserves even a bite of crunchie! I simply refuse to believe you!!!!!!!!!! Mind you, I giggled my head off.
As to your plea, you can just write in the 16 blog names you wanna add (and then go and warn them!), or you can write the name in your posting bit (now edit bit), highlight it, go to the box above where there's a sort of chain thing and click on that. Then enter the url (having cleverly cut and pasted) of the site. Does that make sense? Or you could get shyte24 to do it for you?

Lace Threads said...

ps. you haven't posted a giveaway on this thread...have you finally given it all away?! Are we safe to visit without risking actually receiving something from you? ;-)

Raspberry Grace said...

That made me laugh out loud :)

Reminded me that I LOVE M&S prawn sarnies too!

I'd forgotten!

I'm such a twat!

You are funny angel, I don't know where you get it from, but you are very funny.

lots of love, and chuckles, Rasp xxx

ps: I just wanted to say that the ONLY reason I didn't tag you is because Lacey had already done so, else you'd have been in my list.

Oh, and my post is so boring compared to yours.. harumph!! :)

Elaine said...

Lost the plot is what I call it!!

Or should I say Lostirus Plottiraminustos


angel said...

La Nicks, 16 blogs!!!!! that aint never gunna happen, and every word is twoof.
Its a good job shyte 49 was here to help, he's got his GCSE's [Gosh Can someone Elp's] exams this week, He has got me back up and running on here as well, if I waited for you lot I would still be "blogless" tsk tsk.

Rasp, I did notice that La-nicker had nabbed you for herself it was on her blog so I knew you couldnt tag me, I love your blog you have a very clever way with words, you and Elaine are my Intelligent sisters, Huggles Honey.

Elaine, Madashaterous Brutus, is all I can say to you Young lady.

I am doing the first draw now, Ohhh Ahhhhh, I wonder who will win?

Trish said...

angel, you are a mad and wonderful person, but I really think it is time you went back to the big house to be kept in a straight jacket under lock and key for a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrry loooooooooooong time sweetie xxx

sharie said...

i Hun,
thanks for the tag (i Think)!!!
Loved the visit to your site, I should have come earlier I'm missing out on a good one. Hope you don't mind but I'm going to link it (on my anti procastination day LOL). Nope gonna do it NOW, anti procastination day is always tomorrow.

angel said...

Sharie, Your gunna link it!!!!!!

Watz that mean then?

Im glad you are glad your tagged so glad, oh now there goes the migraine again, I dont know why I bother, I really dont.

sharie said...

Angel said, "Sharie, Your gunna link it!!!!!!

Watz that mean then?"

Its been done girl! You been link-ified!
(don't worry I just added your address so that I can come round to bug you more often ;-) )

BTW I bet you got that migrane trying to read that 'word verification' with all the swirly letters you've got to type in... I keep doing it all round cos those letters swirl before my eyes!

angel said...

Thanks Sharie,
For linking me, I dont mind you bugging me, the more the merrier.

Yeah it deffo all them whirly thingies, giving me the grains.