Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wedding fingy watzit

Random Pictures.
Oh Look pretties............................................ lol

This is a picture of the rain.................. nice init.................. lol

After the big question
[the one where she said yes.... keep up...sheesh]
Dan organised an engagement party!

This is Tasha [being held up by Danielle] they had spent the whole day messing up my craft stuff with their ......erm.... mess............. sheesh they only had to make 50ish Engagement cards, nearly ruined my scissors, i don't like no-one touching me stuff! but being the mother of the engaged woman i had to let her and her mate use me stuff............ i am still trying to get over it....*swoon*

Then there was the actual day, it rained and all the decorations got wetted! all the pretties looked like sodden rags [and that was before they got wet!].

All my mates from the shabby chic forum donated decorations for the big day, all the things they sent, made the day more special for Danielle and Beany.

There was much checking that the beer was OK, they were lining up to test it, i think beany was on his 5Th pint by the time i took this picture, Anthony is about to beat him over the head with a big stick, he waited so long for his turn.

All was well that day, Beany and Danielle had the time of their lives.

*I love you both*

But NEVER touch me craft stuff again.................... ever.......... Mummy


Elaine said...

It's always difficult isn't it???
We love our children dearly, but letting them near our beloved craft goodies???!!!!!!!

Hard, hard thing to do *sigh*

Love and blessings

Todays word "strachro"

Lajoni said...

whats with these strange words of the day....i HAVE A WORD OF THE DAY EMAILED AT WORD BUT NEVER SUCH STRANGE ONES.....oh bugger!!! soz about caps can't be bothered to change are lubberly xx

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Angel .... here you are!

Couldn't you make the piccies just a little bigger, sweetie ... they look lovely ...


angel said...

I dunno what appened wiv the pictures Dancing!!!!! must be suffink Laj did when she gotted here.....*shrugs*..... lololol

*strachro* GIZACLUE........lolol

Elaine said...

Don't have a clue but I like this one better

I think that's the little voice inside that I don't listen to when I see fabric I wanna buy LOL

sharie said...

Sorry it rained but it looked lovely anyway.The decorations DON@T look like rags!!! They are pretty.
Hope that everyone enjoyed it

second wind said...

I hide my special scissors/cutters cos the *****rs WILL ruin them in an instant..........x

PS my word was *slinged*

claire said...

So thats why my mummy gets twitchy when I start routing through her card stuff eh??!! X
Missing you - I'm a bit antisocial at the mo on the forum - no reason - just trying to sort my life out - its not working so I may give it up as a bad job and start hanging round more often with yous lot again :)


MaryPoppins said...

Gorgoeus I am so glad everyone had a lovely day :)

Ummmm someone with the initial D wants to say hello.

Hello angel you are funny and i likrd your joke on Janies blog, I am under 16 how old are you ;)


Marianne said...

Not yet, Angel! But maybe on the 30th. Be patient!
Thanks for commenting ;-)

Lace hearts said...

I hope she's been at your crafty stuff and pinched it all, it was probably all minging anyway... and I'm with dancing... it's all too small. I'm ancient you know and I've been peering at those tiny photos and all I can make out is a big top and some elephants, and I'm not sure what the computers are doing all laid out in a line and... all well minging.
You are a complete nutter, and your comments have made us laugh so much in Lace towers. Mwah, lubs you. when I have a minute I will make you a special cushion, just for you, but I'm a little bit busy atm, so please be patient.
Have a fabulous day. Mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and lots to make up for the fact I disappeared xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and hope it's sunny where you are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X

Lace hearts said...

oh, and why didn't you get my email then ... I guess you've changed it and not told me about your new email addy. sob. knew you wanted out. sob xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx still lubs you though... you won't get rid of me that easily. xxxxxxxxxxx

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Hi ! So pleased I found you. We do seem to share a similar sense of humour. I'm on 4 tablets a day, how about you?LOL! SueX P.S. I'm retired too