Thursday, 2 October 2008

Quilt for Kids in Need.

Thought i would show you what i have started on, yes its a quilt, yoohoo, i am making it for KIN [Kids in Need].
I want to raffle it off and make loads of money for these little ones, but as i am pants at making stuff i thought if i told you all about it you would keep reminding me to keep at it.
It's funny how i always assume it will be Minging and nobody will want it, :-( and that gives me an excuse to stop doing it......... so please nag me to bits about this as i know what i'm like.

Thanks for your support.
I took a couple of old Christmas cards and cut out the templates for this project.

I then took my monthly bit of Yummyness book, I love it cos its the only bit of style that comes through the post box, well this and the nectar points catalogue............. lol. :-)

I then cut all the boring bits out of it and made little bits for the middle of the fingy fings.

I then chose the colour, all scrummy pinks............. 1 shirt, 1 pair of jammy bottoms [knicked for DD and she dont know yet, well i have only taken one leg off, tsk its not as if i have used it all] and a shirt from my Ds1............... he wont miss it and its the perfect colour, i just had to have it.

Shame cos he loved that shirt. LOL

Last but not least a piece of dark pink fabric i purloined a few years ago.

Those scissors are what Bloomin Myrtle sent me for my Birthday, and i lurve them so much.


Love and hugs to you all and fanx for visiting. Mwah. X x X x X


MaryPoppins said...

Keep It Up angel X

Country Bliss said...

That is going to be gorgeous and such a lovely thing to do for a great cause.
I promise to keep nagging you in fact I think you need a mantra i.e. 'I am brilliant at making things' You must repeat this at least 100 times a day.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...


MelMel said...

Well done worthy cause! you go for it!1xxxx

angel said...

Thanks for the encouragment girls. Mwah X x X

Debbie, i cant leave a message on your blog ........ wail ...... sob .... sob.

Just left a message on your blog Mary, i am so happy you enjoyed your Holliday.

As for you miss bliss ........i couldnt say it once let alone 100 times.

Fanx girls, remember to nag me.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be SO GOOD Angel ... and a photo of last! (Profile - althought not in profile)

claire said...

Is it done yet?
Come on......keep it up!!! :) :) :)
he he!! Its gonna be fab angel - have faith in your abilities you are FABULOUS!!!
(and thats not the red wine speaking cos I forgot to buy some!!)

second wind said...

How big is it now Angel? Love the colours. Is it nearly finished yet? Have you got a deadline? It will be beautiful.xx

Lace hearts said...

Awww, Angel, that's going to look fab. And don't talk yourself down. I adore the bags you sent me - they are so skilled. Honestly, you have loads of talent.
So is it done yet?!
Thanks for your comment. I'd had such a perfect day with Mum yesterday, then I dropped her in her local town to get some supper and drove home and she had her purse stolen, losing £40. She's okay, but she was upset, more with herself for letting it happen (though her bag is like Fort Knox, lol, so I don't quite know how it happened). But it's so disappointing that peeps will pinch off a pensioner. Anyway, worse thing was the bliddy woman in the charity shop she was in, who was totally unsympathetic and wouldn't even put aside what she was trying to buy. Grrrrr. I'm most angry with her.
Big huggles, and this muchxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lace hearts said...

Thank you Angelcakes. I don't know who it was - but I think I'm going to find out and write to the shop's manager and point out that if it happens again to an elderly customer, they should offer them a cuppa and be a bit sweeter with them.
As you say, she wasn't hurt, so I give thanks for that. It could have been nastier. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Have a fabulous day. And go back to being rude to me! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MaryPoppins said...

I have Tagged you :)

Lace hearts said...

Angelcakes: the giveaway was the result of extreme intelligence this time, so you wouldn't have stood a chance, love. Poor ducks. Can't get on pooter. Don't fear, I've explained it all on the forum. Mwah. Mwah.
This much. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx missing you lots. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Now, I'm excited you've posted a pic. Are you on the right or left?! Tell me immediately. Oh, and have you finished it?

MelMel said...

More fun for Olly today *winks*
How are you today?
P.S keep up the good work with the quilt!!!!!

sharie said...

Keep going at it cos there are loads of people standing over you with a big whip and fierce expressions on their faces!!!!

Is that enough encouragement? Or do you want us to come round and beat you up a bit?

Only joking, you are doing well and I know it will be ace when it is finished.