Sunday, 28 September 2008


Lookie what i did get while from Debbie English Treasure, Wow Fanks Debbie for my Super duper award *clapping* apparently i AM the bestest Commenter EVER, well we all knew that didn't we.............. hummmmmmm lol.

My next Award comes from my lovely mate Lace Hearts.
She has given me the Bestest ever *Gift of the Gab* award Co's i am "apparently" very good at weaving stories for your pleasure or gobbing off as i would put it.

Now you really must go and look at their Blogs they may not be as informative as mine but they are worth a lookie...................................... LOL, they are both lovely blogs, so go check them out.

Hello all you lovelies out there in cybercity, its been a while since i blogged but i have been a busy angel ya know, i ain't just been sitting with me wings curled up with a box of Terry's all Gold by my side scoffin ya know, i have been wooooorrrrkkkking really hard, don't laugh i have!

I want to introduce to my mate Shazza, i am inviting you all to have a reckie at her new home. [its OK, she said i could show you all] She is a very upbeat kinda person and likes all things expensive except me as i am the only cheap thing she has in her life. lol.
We have only been friends for about 6 years and she has made such a difference in my life.
She re-bought this house [a long story] about a month ago having sold it last year, now has decided to Shabby Chic it up.................... Oooh the girl has taste.

This is her at lunch, we were having a *brainstorming* session about what she would "do" next.

This is her Cottage, I cant wait to show you all she has done to it .............................. but you will have to wait for that.

This is a bit of the view from the back of her garden.................... believe it or not she has a *Wood*

In her wood she has a Fairy garden, we have been looking for all sorts of bits to put in it, so far there are Candelabras, Butterflies, Lanterns, Mirrors, oh and i am making a Fairy washing line complete with washing. lol

It is looking a bit sparse at the moment but it's gunna be Chavdelishus....... ;-)


MelMel said...

Morning !
Dammit its Monday1

.....and its raining!
gggrrr........I was going to charge rent....and you guessed that one fairy cake per week is the correct rent!
With all this credit crunch nonsense we could do with the extra food!
If your coming over for a brew...we need teabags......i like English Breakfast ones!!!xxxxxx :>))x

angel said...

Hello Melmel........ s'not raining here!

MelMel said...

Your both welcome!
Ok rain has stopped now and looks sunny!
......but it be cold!!!!!
Might have to put the heating on....keep my guests warm!xx

sharie said...

Well done on your awards. Well Deserved :)

Love your mates house and wood. Is she going to let us nosy inside? And if so when?
Did you tell her we are all nosy?

What Kelly Did next...... said...

Oh im glad ya back blogging x
I cant wait to see pics of your friends house and the fairy gardens sounds great I would love one....if I had a garden! :(

Lace hearts said...

Oh how fantastic, you've updated - so've I. I'm going to pop back later and read it with a large glass of wine firmly in hand. I'm jealous of Shazza cos she's having lunch or something with you!
I'm here, but am shattered. I just have too much on at the mo. Missing everybody on the forum, and you tons, but I just haven't been able to get on it solidly. Now gotta go and line behind the radiator so hubs can get the radiator back on and we can perhaps get some heat! Off I go! I'll try and find some me time later, promise. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThis much. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and more.

Lace hearts said...

Well, I wanna see inside! I mean, a fairy dell is all very well for lovely Melmel, but I just wanna push that door open and have a nose!
Your mate looks lubberly. And it's very kind of her to let us have a look.
Now, I'm going to try and catch up with the forum. Haha, not a hope! I'll probably last 5 minutes before collapsing from exhaustion tonight.
Sleep tight, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

What an amazing place!

Ooh ... when do we get to see inside the house?

Country Bliss said...

Well done on the awards. Why aren't you in the photo? The cottage looks lovely but we want inside pics now!

angel said...

Not yet my lurverlies, i want you all to savour the tension....... then i will nip round there and do a quick photoshoot (do i sound all proffessional? co's if i do, I aint, lol).
I want to do a tut on cake making so i may just do that for you all tomorrow, whadayafink?

Elaine said...

Congrats on the awards Angel xx

The house will look lovely after you've improve it with all your rub..............gorgeous shabby touches. Fancy having your own wood, can Shazza be my best mate too (next to all my other best shabby mates of course)

Love and blessings

MelMel said...

when we getting to lookin the house!
i'm bored!
Fun!! more fun!!!