Friday, 24 October 2008

Goodbye Cake.

I wanted to show you a cake i baked last month for friends who are moving back to Australia, i don't for the life of me know why they would want to they have been here for 30 years! And there are all sorts of igly wigleys in Australia *shudder* some people don't know when they are well off.

I have refused point blank to visit, no way do i want a fourteen foot Tarantula climbing up the dunny whilst I'm having an ablution! they are a little lala if they think they are gunna get the shabby over there.

Anyhow, this is the cake and i am going to demonstrate how not to upload pictures onto blogger................. in reverse...........Stupid angel. tsk tsk.

This is it when cooked

This is it in the Mixer fingy

This is it in the packets.............dont laugh, i was doing this as a favour, and this is how it was given to me, i would have made it from scratch but the person [who shall remain nameless TINA] didnt have faith in me making it from scratch!!!! so she bought PACKET MIXTURE ........ lol

These are the utensils i erm used, well i couldn't remember if i had to use the dough hook, the whisk or the other fingy so i used all three.
I would just like to say to Dave and Jill, Bon Vouage, Bon Vouch, Bon Vouche... erm ... sod it ........ GOODBYE from good Old Blighty.............. hope it rains in ya Summers and snows in ya Winters i also hope you get the lurgy and homesick and have to come back here co's we is all gunna miss you........................ [well not me bloggin mates co's they don't know who the heck you is].......... all the rest of your mates wish you Happiness for your new life, without us. *sticking tongue out*


MelMel said...

Thats put a grin on my face......clearly you love them much and mucher!!!!
Bless you!!xxx

P.S nice cake.......i'm gonna pinch it!
*sneak and creep*

Anonymous said...

Don't let that Shabby Chic lot see it or it will be goodbye cake!

Don't forget to remind them about the box jellyfish and the salties.... and the stone fish and the lion fish ...

angel said...

I have to comment........

MelMel said...

Damn...i thought we had licked all the icing off the boots! eeekkkk....caught cake handed! was yummy tho.....and i needed it....i know stealing ain't the answer....and that crime don't pay....*winning look and big eyes, slightly watery with tears, stood with foot turned in and wearing mucky socks and the stuffing knocked out of her* but your an angel and they always forgive.....*Mel snatches the rest of the cake and runs for the door*


Lace hearts said...

Ooooo, that was scrummy. Yummy, taking a big piece right this minute.
Now, Angel, listen very slowly and I will say this very carefully. Once you've uploaded, you can move pics around just by clicking on them to highlight them, and moving them. I don't drag them, I just click, hold and let go at the bottom of the screen they are on when you have uploaded them, and keep doing that till you get them where you want them. Hokay!!!? Go practise...
Fab cake - love it. Packet mix don't matter one jot, you silly. Don't even tell us!!!!!!!!!
Big hugs, hope you okay. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx this much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

MelMel said...

You drop the oyster and slip the cake flies thru the air...Mel leaps and catches it in her teeth....does a back flip and lands in the back seat of her MG....Olly does a wheel spin and burns off into the night.....Mel changes into a rather glam black vintage Dior frock and her wellies and shakes her hair flaps like a flag in the wind.....she has cake all over her face and is grinning.....:>>)))))x

clare Carter said...

I'll make a deal with you-you send me back my sister and I promise not to let your friends in so they have to come back to you?! And its not the tarantulas /lion fish etc etc that you should be warning them about.Its the giant snorting kangaroos that kick in your front door and rip you to pieces with their hind legs.Now they are scary.............. : )) Do you think it would work??

MaryPoppins said...

That is one beautiful cake, my lady has it all gone yet, some friends of ours moved to the big A, they were back within the year

MaryPoppins said...

It was too hot for them :) X

Elaine said...

Oh Angel, I can see how sad you must be, saying goodbye'n' all, but you're gonna be so much sadderer when you see the state of your cake.

All those SC lot have scoffed the lot.

Me??? now would I do sumfink like that????

Love and blessings

(what do you mean I have icing on me chin??????????)

angel said...

They are all so norty BM, tsk tsk.

Trisha Triplets said...

hay my name is Jodie (7) my mummy is Debbie.Kiss

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I can see how much you will miss your friends!
Maybe if they start blogging... You will be able to see what they have been up too!
Your cake looks FAB... I`m sure it was YUMMY too!
Debbie Moss

MelMel said...

I thought that!
Must be that special jam.....keeps you young.....

Crime does not pay....especially if you pinch cakes from Angel...take it from me....!:>((

The thing is the dress don't fit no more.....another good reason to NEVER do it again....I'll be good from now on..promise*winning look*


Lavender hearts said...

Hi Angel,

Love the cake!

I bet they'll be back in no time! The number of people I know that move over there and then want to come back within a couple of years!

Re photos, I just click on the photo press control button (ctrl; left of space bar) at the same time as 'c' (copy) move the cursor to the place where you want the photo and then press ctrl + 'v' (paste).

I love computery geekery so if you need a mini tutorial let me know!

Sian x