Monday, 8 September 2008


Look at these Lovelies, i made the mistake of peeling them but it don't matter, they are boiled, oiled and spoiled, but it don't matter, salted, peppered and ready for the oven.

After an hour i put my secret ingredient on them, Can you guess what that was?

After another hour they were a bit over done, but heyho OH got them bits anyhow so it don't matter, does it.

I of course overdid the Rib eye as i had parceled the veg in with the meat that got a bit soggy as well, but hey it don't matter, it tasted wonderful.......... oh yeah i also used chilli oil instead of normal oil ............ it don't matter Cos it didn't hurt going in or coming out. lol.

That last Photo should have been first.............. i dunno what happened but ........... hey ho etc..

Thanks lace Hearts for nearly getting the award for the best spuds, but i think i pipped you at the post with mine............. tra-la ........................... lol


MelMel said...

How yummy that many buses to your house???

claire said...

oooh spudmelike xx

Anonymous said...

Was that the Pioneer Woman recipe - the one where the potatoes looked as though a herd of cattle ran over them?

Well done Angel - they look yummy - and I love the "guess the right order" look of the photos.

love your blog xxxxxxxx

Country Bliss said...

Wow they look really yummy, do I spy some hunny!!
I made pioneer womans ones yesterday didn't look as good as yours though!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hey ho, You are so lovely... and I`m so glad to have met you!
You always make me laugh and today its one of those days that I could do with some cheering up!
Thanks for that my dear friend.
Your lovely comment, touched me profoundly!
I will speak to you soon!
Hey ho, Debbie Moss

Lace Threads said...

Hey, you posted the spuds! Brilliant!!! They look absolutely yummy scrummy, and very very very nearly as good as mine. Hee hee.
And you see, they do work as a post on their own! But what about pud? Whaddidya have, eh? Are you getting ready to 'post' something else, huh?!Remember? lol.
Big hugs, Angel. The world is a better place with you in it. xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I have "tagged" you. Please see my blog for info. xxx

angel said...

Oh, i was so busy looking on all the other lovely blogs ..... YOURS .... that i forgot to check mine for all your lovely comments, lol, i messed it up big time but Hey ho ......... it dont matter.

I love you all soooo much........ even though your all BIG FAT FIBBERS!........ I know they look awful .......

MaryPoppins said...

You should frame those tatws, welsh for spuds, and get it off to The Tate, truly wonderful, well done you, I'm off to have some jelly beans now, Take Care, X

Lace Threads said...

Aunt Bessie? AUNT BESSIE? Nah, get the suet, and make em up yourself! Easy as peasy, and scrummy.
Goes off muttering, aunt bessie indeed! I will make a domestic goddess of angel, I will...
oh, and I've told melmel about your allergy to choc, so don't get embarrassed about it. ;-)

MelMel said...

Check my blog on wed...and you will see the goodies!

Better get doing some work now!
bad childminder!!!!!!!!!


second wind said...

Lovely spuds, Angel, like your touches with the honey? and chilli. Might try mine with lemon and fresh herbs. Whadddyathink?
xxx Deb

MelMel said...

Cheers hun....i'm over it for today silly will i feel if i don't get the job!
Cool that you had a nanny......for the children...not you!! hehehehhehe!

Going jiving tonight.....gonna rock, rock, around the clock tonight...or something like that!!!xxxxxx

Elaine said...

Is something happening between our blogs *shrug* I thought I'd left a comment here too????

Your tatties look fab, and of course, because you peeled them etc, they are now your invention!!!

Thank you for the comment you left for me. I blubbed MWAH.

Love and blessings

angel said...

Just want you all to know that the CC site is down!!!!!!!!!!

Oh what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will not panic, i will not panic, Ok i'm in a PANIC......

Greedy Nan said...

Hi. The spuds look good - did I miss reading what the 'secret' ingredient was because I did. You messed dinner up big time for me by adding the meat so I'll drop in another time when you're doing a meatless day if that's ok.
Thanks for visiting my blog and you may be a bad speller but that wasn't the point really; what gets me is the fact that someone actually believes we should pander to people by giving a lifetime of tradition away. You know you can't spell so you can at least check. And please visit me again - I need my blogging friends.

Lace hearts said...

Miss you too, hun. Mwah. Just so busy at the moment, with the new school year, work, sewing, blah blah. Time is slipping through my fingers so quickly!
This much. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx