Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ex Bats flats.

Picture the scene.
No its not the OH building another shed its gunna be me chook house! well actually its more like a block of flats.
s'nice in'tit.
Well i know you cant actually see much but when its finished its gunna be a 5* Chook abode.

As many of you will already know, i single handedly, on my own, by meself, alone, saved a gazzilion chickens from the chicken coop in the sky, i had some helpers  of course, but if a jobs worth doing etc.... *giggle*
i am the proud mummy to 5 rescued chickens, they are currently lodging at my nieces house in a secret location in Cambridge.
Its secret because as you all know i am a very private person and don't want every Tom Dick or Harry looking to steal then ransom me chooks.
Anyhow they are called.
and Julian.

Well no not really Julian but i added that for comic effect.

Aint they perfect!
Yeah, i thought you would agree with me.

I expect there to be a rush of comments on their gorgeousness but please, remember i am but one humble woman.


bekimarie said...

Me thinks you is trying to make me jealous :( and why isn't there one named Beki (insert even sadder face).
They are rather gorgeous!

B <3 <3 <3

bekimarie said...

OK so the hearts don't work on here, kisses it is then xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cheap2Chic said...

Flippin 'eck, that's one posh housing association coop!

Your chooks will think they've died and gone to heaven, bless their little cotton socks xx

I still miss mine :-((

angel said...

Yes i am Bekibabe... ok one is also called Mittyroesbudkecsibex .. LOL XxXxX

Awww i bet you do miss em C2C. :(

Anonymous said...

And there isn't one called Beaches either!


angel said...

Ok, her new name.

Mwahs XxXxX

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Nor Lala :-(

them chooks are gonna be chuffed to bits ... missing mine too x

angel said...



sheesh i aint ever calling her in for food!

maypole said...

Blimey! you've updated your blog!

Posh hen house, lucky hens!

maypole said...

aaah isn't little Maypole gorgeous!

sitting oh so pretty said...

Ahhh they are cute!!! Loving their new home! One of my ex's was called Julian....I think your chicken is definately nicer tehexxx

Elaine said...

Blimey I turn me back for a minute... well ok a few weeks... and you've done a new post.
Posh flippin chooks 8O)
Of course, I'd expect no less for Myrtle ;O)

Love and blessings

anmenrma ........... don't reckon much to this *humf*

Elaine said...

inarlema........ ooo that's better.
I think you should call your Chook House Inarlema :O)

angel said...

Clasic chook house name that is Elaine... LOLOLOL

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Hi Angel!
I have given you a mention and a back link on my blog today. SueXXX

Debbie said...

I wouldn`t mind being one of your chickens!
Since... I love to be spoiled rotten!