Monday, 18 January 2010

Alleluja...... found me camera...whoopwhoo.

I have once again found the lost camera!
did that make sense?
Anyhow i did and i have got some corking photos to show ya.

This picture is at a Bloomin Myrtals Christmas fair....
It was packed with lovelyness, if she hadnt have stopped me, i would have bought the whole lot! honest i would, stunning stuff.
Everyone should own a BM Original.

Look at that bit of gorgeousness on the manaquin, i made that... and all the yummy bunting, i made that too.

I made these too and those...
Look at the sleepy angels.... i made them.. and the reigdeer........ i made them and the gingerbread houses.
I was blown away by the quality of BMs makes, she is a talented lady, if you ever get a chance BUY one of her makes, they are DELISHOUS.

This is our Church Bazaar

This is me (in the blue cardie) rummaging, the lady beside me is Flo, she is a nice old dear, we go to Bognor twice a year...... me in June...... Flo in November.
Britney (shes the one stuffin her face at the back) is relaxing after her shift at the Sugar hut...( you have to live here to understand that)
They sell stuff for Romanian orphans, they have to raise £3000 a month! bugger! they always manage it.. Bless em.

I knitted all these over a weekend.

Rag dolls....hummmm not keen... i didnt make these.

This is the Raffle and the Grace table..

I had a wonderful Weekend with BM and her family [my goodness has she got a mossive family!) they are the kindess people i have met, i was made to feel at home within minutes of getting my feet under her table.
Thank you Mrs BM Mr BM and Miss BM.


bekimarie said...

Ooooh Angel, you is sooooooooo clever to of made all that stuff ;)
Thank heavens you found yer camera or we may not of ever seen all your lovely makes.

Love and huggles and smooches and snogs

Beki xxx

Anonymous said...

Blimey you have been busy!

(Can I also be a tad crude...? The expression on those rag dolls reminds me of dolls of the inflatable variety iykwim...)

Whatever floats your boat I guess...


A Thrifty Mrs said...

You make me roar with laughter.

claire said...

weren't you busy making???
BM's stall looks faberoony and I just love your blue cardie xxxx
ps what dolls is Janie on about then??????????????????

Elaine said...

Angelcakes, I have tears rolling down my face, and in desperate need of the loo now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could just tell those dolls weren't yours, they don't look like they're made by someone wearing a blue cardi.

Love and blessings

*enteds* is that what you call a teddy walking into a room ???

angel said...

Bexibabe, i am aint i....:-)
Janie, now you come to mention it!..lololol
A Thrifty Mrs...;-)
Claire, look at the rag dolls, how could you miss em! ugly fings! a bit chucky-ish if you ask me!
BM, dont ya like me blue cardie! t'was the one you knitted for me last birthday!

Enteds, that made me spurtle....lolol