Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Happy New Year all. :-)

As some of my older readers may know, i am the person who is responsible for helping Santa get all the pressies ready and out in time for Christmas.
This year was a trial, we had a Elf go down with Elfluencia and after that they were all dropping like flies.
I was left to run the conveyor belt and the gift wrapping service all by me self!

Anyhow, because of my selflessness, all the gifts to the children of the world were delivered.

Talking of gifts, i gotted a rather nice Palace for me Christmas pressie, it was off Sheik-Yabelly, he wanted me to have a whole continent, but being the modest person i am....[yes i am Bexibabe.....! .. flippin cheek] i refused, saying "I know i am vury vury special to ya, Ya, but i couldn't possibly specially after the problems i had with the FBI over the Statue of liberty last year.......[how was i to know i wasn't allowed to move it!!!!......sheesh]..... Anyhow, the Palace is called *Buckingham shire Palace* i think? though as i was reading Cath Kidson, *Return of the Gingham apron* at the time and never heard exactly what he was saying... Men can be so boring sometimes cant they.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Pray that 2010 will be a blessed one for you.


bekimarie said...

My kiddies thank you from the bottom of their ickle hearts for getting their presents wrapped from Santa 9on time.
You deserve that palace cos you is the most selfless, kind hearted, sweetest, funny person I know, just don't forget to get my wing decorated ;)
Huge ((hugs))
Bexibabe xxx

katia said...

thank you and happy new year, lovely katia

Serenata said...

You did well! :-) A very happy New Year to you too Angel.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Angel, we missed ya xx

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Elfluenza!! Girlie I am crying over that one....soooo funny!!! You are the sweetest!! Love your blog as always! Happy New Year to you!!
♥ Teresa

MelMel said...

Happy NYxxxx

Lajoni said...

Happy new year hun xx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Happy New Year Angel!!!! Have a most wonderful year at the Shabby Chic Cafe, I knows you will!!!


Sharon xx

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Happy New Year to the bestest angel in blogland - hope 2010 brings you all the lovely things you deserve xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

maypole said...

I just passed by here on the off chance and I see at last you are posting again. Sorry about your tooth Angel, my OHs friend pulls out his own when he has toothache, he refuses to pay dental fees!!

maypole said...

oops! happy new year!

angel said...

Ho Ho Ho....... bugger ........ dropped it.... :-)

Elaine said...

See, I always thought Santa had some help. Men just can't wrap a present proper.
TBH, I thought you'd have got a castle at the very least, Palaces are sooo last year.
I hear there's a good one in Windsoringshirehampton.

Love and blessings

*ingly* dontja just love it !!!!

Elaine said...

OOOOOOO the next one is *cyterbil*

Is that Willy's seat in the Sally Army Hall ???

jos said...

Happy new year!:)