Thursday, 5 November 2009

Thirty years Married!

Thirty years Married!
Well this is how we looked all those years ago.

This is the old fella now... he is a bit of a brute isnt he!
I dont seem to have lost any of my looks though!

Aint i still gorgeous. :-)


Serenata said...

Yes you're still gorgeous!

Thanks so much for your lovely comments :-)

claire said...

Now you tell me you coulda painted me a better heart than laj!!!!
Thanks for the belated offer xxxx

You are stunning, your husband could do with a bit more rest though - you obviously work him too hard!!!! :D

mwah xxxx

Lalabibaby said...

Give him a snog Angel he may turn into a handsome prince ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aaaaah how wonderful!

Good to see you posting again .... Mwah xxxxxx

angel said...

Yup, he could use some work couldnt
I deffo aint kissing him Lala!!! [what are tou on woman]

Country Bliss said...

Love the wedding photo and you've got even more gorgeous with age, sadly the same can not be said of your hubby!
Yvonne x

Elaine said...

Still Gawjus I see.
And good to see that DH still has all his own teeth, though I wouldn't take him on the waltzers again, not if he goes that colour !!!!!

Love and blessings

hownerif ...........???

bekimarie said...

If you're going to start posting again, I guess i'd better follow you then ;)
Gorgeous wedding piccie, you've definately got better with age.
Beki xxx

maypole said...

Hello! you were a goth in your former life?

OH needs abit of blusher mind

Anonymous said...