Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Mr & Mrs

Mr & Mrs

Today i cried when you said "I do"

With pride in my eyes i whispered "Love You"

To have and to hold for ever and ever

Your two hearts now beat as one, together.

So much love in one small space

Showed and glowed from your face.

Be happy together all your days

With God to guide you in all you ways.

Be blessed and loved



angel said...

Forgot to say..... STOP UPGRADING ... Im skint.... lol

Elaine said...

Blimey Angel, you made my blub again

Wonderful *MWAH*MWAH*MWAH*

Love and blessings

Today's word STINS uh???

Elaine said...

This one would be more fitting though

UNNEST.............. LOL

mitmot said...

right - now you need to stop all this soppy wedding stuff now, you just keep making me cry!!

pop over to my blog to get your own special award

MM xx

MelMel said...

Congrats to your pretty she is. like a model!

Thank you for your kind words Angelxxxx

Lajoni said...

she looks truly stunning xx

charl said...

you cant beat a good wedding especially when the bride looks this blinkin fantastic.. i bet you blubbed the whole day.. i know i would have!
hope you had a lovely day missus to
love the poem its lovely xxxx

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Beautiful bride - like mother, like daughte:) I love the bridesmaid dresses.