Thursday, 25 June 2009

I so deserve these.

Now i aint one to boast but look what i gotted........... and both from this lovely lady or as we like to call her *Mitty* i have bought from this woman and believe me she is goooooood and because she finks i am gooooood too she has giveded me these, cos she loves me and i loves her too.

In order for you to get these you must first......

Swear allegiance to me.
Then state the obvious "angel is the best blogger in bloggerdom"
Put all your crafts into my trust fund.
Advertise the fact that angel rocks [cos i do when i am trying to get orf the sofa].
Go and visit Mitty and tell her angel loves her vury much.
Then you can nick the trophy, cos i know ya wanna.

FanxQ Mitty.
I wub you.


claire said...

You daft thing.
You do rock (and not just when you are getting up offa the sofa) :) xx
If I was cleverer I'd make you an award that says fabbest blogger but I'm not so I can't!!

angel said...

Haha.. you are clevererer! how could you say that?

Anonymous said...

So have you got to pass this award on to anyone?

Well have you????? (Clears throat)

Well done Angel! xxxxxxx

Elaine said...

Well done Angel, and well deserveded, but I was surprised by the short acceptance speech.
Do you have a sore throat, or have those lovely nails dropped off???

Love and blessings
I don't like todays word, tis boring, DRALIK, so I'm going to try another

Elaine said...

AHA! Found one!
definition: A parent who's children think that money (magically) grows on trees!

Lajoni said...

They are lovely words aren't they Angel, someone sent them to me hen my mum died xxx

As for my shop I am in the middle of changing sites as unless I pay an extra £20pm, an iten can be sold many times over, even if you only have one of them good is that for a needs to be manned 24/7 so have now found another site which has stock management...gawd its all too mind boggling

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

You deserve that award ((((Angel)))

Lace hearts said...

I don't know. I stop blogging for a month and what happens. You start posting. It's just not good enough. I think you are the fabbiest funniest wonderfulest blogger of all. I think the award and lots more are well deserved. Mwah. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx