Sunday, 15 February 2009

I am a bit apprehensive about putting what i make up here because i am acutely aware that yous lot are perfectionists when it comes to making stuff.
So its with fear and trepidation that i bring to you the latest shabby
This is some of them all together.

A ickle bag for.........i dunno, its just a ickle bag, maybe for PJ's or suffink.

I should have taken this one at a better angle.

I like these.

Not 100% sure about this one though it very scruffy iykwim.

These are a bit sweet too, whajafink.

Another bag, getting a bit bored wiv these bags tbh.

Now lactic, BM, Pip etc all your allowed to say is ........hum ..... Nice fings, Co's i ain't no Martha.
But i am trying................ yeah i know, very trying.:-)


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

well I for one think they are all fab :-) love the bolster cushion and the rest!
well done
Lesley x

The Catnap Cottage said...

Lovely items, I especially like the little pouch and the patchwork pillow - Good Job!! Cindy

claire said...

You are very clever and your makes are fabulous XxX
I like the ickle cushions and the bigger ones and the bags too
I'll get anyone who says otherwise :0 !!!!!

Raspberry Grace said...

Angel, they are lovely!

You should be proud of them because I could never sew something so pretty!

Love and a hug, Rasp xx

Elaine said...

Beautiful Angel (((( you and your sewing)))). I know you sew beautifully, I have an apron you made remember???
Next time I get you in a swap, can I have a cushion please????

Love and blessings

ps. word for today. Reduct. Sounds quite real doesn't it??

Elaine said...

Oh blimey, the next word is CHIPS !!!

(I could go on like this all day you know LOL)

Lace hearts said...

Well, BM, my word is dosh! LOL.
Angel, don't you dare do that - don't run yourself down. Your stuff is absolutely scrummy yummy fabulatistic, and I've come out of retirement or summfink to say so. I'm lucky to have two of your bags which you sent me a while back and I love them to bits, and your sewing is superb and better than mine, no question bout it.
I love what you've made - all of it. And I don't think your patchwork cushion is one bit scruffy. It's great to see some of your makes. Fab fab fab. All of it. xxxxxxxxxxxx mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and lots more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sleep tight xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vintage Tea said...

I have to agree with everyone else and think your creations are great!

Victoria xx

angel said...

Thanks, i do get so scared, you are all so talented, its like standing in front of the renowned ahem "Artiste" *Tracy Emin* and asking, "is my room/bed messy enough"..... LOL

mitmot said...

They are lovely Angel, I made a real mess of some bolster cushions and yours looks much better! the ikle bag is really sweet as well, love the hand stitching. You should never worry about showing what you have made as from what i see its all fab
M xx

Country Bliss said...

Beautiful things angel, the patchwork cushion is great. I especially love the bolster cushion, never tried making one of those.
Yvonne x

Trish said...

they are all beautiful angel hunny :) you is a clever girl xxx

What Kelly Did next...... said...

I think they are all better than anything I could make! x

thriftymrs said...

You talented thing!

Lajoni said...

They are brilliant Angel I am so jealous as I reeeeeeally can't sew thats why I'm finding these swaps difficult.....the cushions are beautiful...luuuurve the pj case and the bag xxxx ..oh they are all just fabulous Well done you

Anonymous said...

Fear? Trepidation? Apprehension?

Surely not?

They all look lovely ....well done.... I think you could BE Martha .... Martha Dailey!


Anonymous said...

Angel, you dark horse!!! You're really rather clever aren't you well at least we all think so!

Well done you and I agree it is scary posting some things but what the hell, whats the worst that could happen??


Elaine said...

I still want a cushion thy knows LOL
(so stop bidding against me everyone)

Todays word is "proxio"???
But I know I'm me .............

I think ???

claire said...

For BM....whigg!!!
Angel I missed the bliddy post today and I have a RED CARD!!!
Will have to wait til tomorrow now *sob*

white o'morn cottage said...

They are just wonderful! Well done.

Elaine said...

I must think of a meaning for this one "minfel" mmmmmm?????

I want the bolster, but I need other peeps to stop bidding now.
Thank you very much.

second wind said...

I thought I had commented here, but can't see it. I think your makes are wonderful and I am the lucky lucky winner of that bolster cushion auction. Sorry again BM. Just you keep on makin Angel xx