Sunday, 22 February 2009


Isn't she lovely.
I was sent this beautiful Annie from *Bloomin Myrtle* just before Christmas.
I love Annie's, they are so cute.
She has all the stuff necessary to make me a cake but so far she ain't........ BM you did send her with a recipe book didntja.
How do i switch her on, i have been searching and searching but i cant find the knob anywhere!

She is a bit naughty sometimes, but mostly just shy.

Thank you Bloomin Myrtle for her, she is a real treasure, i cant recomend these Annies enough.

My Grandaughters are besotted by them.

BM i hope you dont mind me showing her off to me mates. :-)


Trish said...

she is bootiful angel hun :) not sure she is shy though!!! a little norty more like LOL

claire said...

Wotcha :)
Do you mean the pretty Rose pink necklace - I LOVE it :) Its hanging up with my favouritist top at the moment waiting to be worn.
I shall definately look after it well xxxx

Vintage Tea said...

Annie is cute!!

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

She's lovely Angel, well done BM!

Just noticed your furniture is the same colour as mine. Wooooo ....

MelMel said...

Do you want to be a memeber of my blog?
Just tried to email you......can you send your email via lacey?xxx

Country Bliss said...

Awww, she is so cute, Elaine is so clever.
Yvonne x

thriftymrs said...

Annie is a cute as a button.

LittleGem said...

She is luvverly, as are all of BMs fab makes x

MelMel said... it!xx

Lajoni said...

oh she's adorable, but then again so is everything that Elaine makes she is so clever and obviously thinks you'll take good care of her, the doll I mean lol xxx

LittleGem said...

Hello lovely!
Thankyou for the luvverly comment,I will do another red post just for you :D your wish is my command! X

MelMel said...

Yay there you are! brill, thought I'd got it completely wrong!

Good to have you here!xxxx