Monday, 29 December 2008

Shabby Giveaway
[OK it ain't much but its suffink]
These Genuine Artgecko bits are from the inkers finest cache of ..erm .. bits.
They date from the rubbishesque period and have kerb appeal.
I have brought you these from the depth of the dustbineek.
If rubbishesque is your bag then leave a comment here or on the *Shabby Chic* site and a groveling poem, and i shall put the bestest in a hat and draw the erm fingy on the 1st of January 2009.

You will see a rich assortment of mingingness from Enameled green birds to Enameled pink/orange birds.
Broaches, Earrings, Cameo necklaces, there is also a yellow/orange CRAB!
Anyhow, you know what to do if you want them.

Happy New Year


Have a wonderful 2009


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Its good ya fink mine looks like a hammer!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Thank you for all your comments and abuse over these last few months.
Have the Bestest Blessed Christmas.
Love and hugs.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Lace Hearts Thank you. X

Do you have Fantastic blog friends?
One of my fantastic bloggers is Lace Hearts.
She is kind, loving, caring, and a really great friend.
Thank you Lacy
Love you to pieces.
I am such a lucky Bunnie :-)
Look what Lace heart sent me for the Shabby Chic December swap.
Go on feast your eyes and drool

Notice the Crunchie...... burp..... all gone. :-)

*Biscuits* *Chocolate* *candles* *Christmas kitchenalia*
*Gold Purse* *Christmas Vintage Baubles*
*Christmas Cookbook*

*Christmas Cable mug* *CK Bag* *CK Soap* *Crackers*

And a special *Lacy Bucket/Bag* was i spoilt or what.

Thank You lastic
May your Christmas be filled with love and Blessings.
I love you This Much.
and back again.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Thank you Vintage tea.

Look at what Vintage Tea sent me........... Whoohoo.
Am i lucky or what!
all so pretty in pink.

There is so much look at it

3 lots of Chocolate yummy!
Candy canes, Luxury Hot Chocolate and mini marshmallows
and a so sweet mug to drink it in.

A book that's gunna make me a better wife......... Yea Right.
Look at the sweet ickle pot, ooh i love it.

Ballerina slippers, a snugly white Pashmina....... lovely.
A handmade Page marker [well done VT I'm impressed] two CK pencils. *smile*
Even a Key chain heart!
Thank you so much Victoria,
You have spoilt me rotten.

All these lovely PINK-GIRLY-DISNEY wonderful pressies...........I'm gunna have a great night in.


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Oh, Christmas tree.

Christmas ditty
* A little song that i shouted during "Christmas with the stars" at the Royal Abert hall 2007*
I thank you for your indulgence, Mestro please.
hum hum hum hum, tra la la la, ok i'm ready.
This is a beautiful little song entitled
"Oh Christmas tree"
Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree
i bet your looking down at me,
My bum looks big..ig in these jeans
Now i know just what that means,
a i must do
so to you fat, i say toodloo,
so after the
all that weight i will shift
Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree
Remember i still own thee.
Its only a week till Christmas day
I would like to say to all my blogging mates
"Merry Christmas"
"Happy new year"
You are loved and cared for by your own Shabby angel.
X x X x X x X x X xX

The above tree is the very tree my daughter was proposed to under last Christmas midnight.
[did that make sense]

Thought i would sling a couple of pictures in to keep you all interested. *smile* [are you still there?]

Friday, 12 December 2008

Maureen Dawn Hamilton
12-12 2007

OK not a great subject to be blogging about but this is my sister Moz.
She was a beautiful woman, as nutty as a balm cake but beautiful just the same.
She taught me so many things, how to dress elegantly, how to apply make up,
How to get as much out of life as i could, without working to hard for it.
She was a tough old bird, she could take Artex of a wall just by looking at it.
She would tell us storeys that kept me up with nightmares every night, she knew how to manipulate any situation to work to her advantage.
She was a stubborn woman who had princes and sheiks dripping off her arm and pledging their undying love for her yet kicked them to the kerb.
She was a glamorous woman who had the world at her feet.
She died a very painful and distressing death one year ago today and she was all alone.
The one day i couldn't go to her after years of sitting by her bedside waiting for the end.
She took the hero's stance and refused to have anyone contacted.
She even chose the time of her death! well i like to think she did.
She died at 12 noon on the 12 day of the 12 month.......
You old boot you could have died in 2012 because that would have been well dramatic.
We are parted for a moment, but one day i am gunna bug the life outta you for going so soon.
So older sister, i will see you again and i will slap you really really hard for leaving me.
The article is about her if you want to read it, but beware its hard hitting.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Thank you Heather. [again]. Mwah

Oh i just love my Shabby Chic mates.
My mate Heather
[Biker boots and chicken feet]
Sent me the most amazing November *Sparkle*swap.
Can you imagine getting this big box of goodies from a strange man on the doorstep
who is telling me "Don't open it til Christmas Mrs or bad muck will befall you" bad much what has muck gotta do wiv anyfing...
Anyhow i digress.
Snatching my parcel from the postman and hastening to the kitchen.... i found the 12inch carving knife and squirrelled myself into the conservatory, shutting all the curtains, while closing them i noticed Mrs Nora O'S'Ea twitching the nets, silly woman as if she will be allowed to see my goodies... Mwahahahahahaha..... NEVER I SAY.... NEVER!........*for dramatic effect*.
Dampening the lights i ripped off the wrapping in a snarling tigress kinda way, revelling in the beauty of the cutest wicker basket delving inside this is what i found.

Eight pressies all beautifully wrapped in gorgeous thick paper...... scrummy.... i have a thing about paper, i lurve it............... soooooooooo much.
Lookie what was inside.

First thing i noticed was the wonderful smell coming from a little white bag filled with *Sparkle and shimmer* Vanilla fragrance beads..... oww wow we should have smellablog..... its delish.
There was cute pink glittery slippers, a stunning hand made Christmas stocking that must have taken ages to make.
An angel hairband [that i shall be wearing at the Christmas dinner table] with two baby angels dancing on it, so sweet.*smile*
I also got a very..... very posh bottle of dishwasher sparkle aid
[flippin dishwasher never had it so good] lol.

Look at the picture above, i even got a dog collar..... that i shall be wearing on
New years eve
No I'm not going to a party but i like to dress up on occasion...... lol.

Look what i shall be wearing to Lincoln market on Sunday
My very own angel hat.....

Last but not least, this card, that i shall treasure forever.
Thank you so much Heather you made my day.
Bless you for your generosity and love.
X x X x X x X x X x X

Ps, anyone know how to get muck outta me coat? i slipped on the ice and a bucket full of muck fell of the builders ladders that was parked next to the postman's van...... hummmmmmmmmm ..... what was it that man said..... *whistling*........ lol

Monday, 1 December 2008


I Have been tagged by Sharie from *a view to a hill* and *Mel Mel* go look at their blogs they are both Fantastic and funny.

I have to write something about myself that is strange.............. i'm thinking .......... giz a minute .............. i cant think of a single thing ........... i am so normal ....Dont laugh, i am................... and i have no flaws ...................WAIT.............sheesh ...... patience please ................ s'not easy ya know........... i'm still trying to fink......... ok i have thought of a couple............

1) I have 10 toes now, but for sometime i had as many as 40! though not all at once.

2) I can see with both eyes at the same times............ i know freaky aint it..........

3) I can cook without a recipe .......... yeah i just sling it all in the oven/pot/pan and out it comes all done.

4) I have 3 children .............. 1 of each.

5) I cannot drive the car without watching where i'm going.

6) I have been married 3 times, widowed once, and married the same man twice.

Now what do i have to do......erm .......... tag everyone that reads this ......... lol, consider yourself tagged...............

Fanx girls that was fun.:-)