Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Thank you Heather. [again]. Mwah

Oh i just love my Shabby Chic mates.
My mate Heather
[Biker boots and chicken feet]
Sent me the most amazing November *Sparkle*swap.
Can you imagine getting this big box of goodies from a strange man on the doorstep
who is telling me "Don't open it til Christmas Mrs or bad muck will befall you" bad much what has muck gotta do wiv anyfing...
Anyhow i digress.
Snatching my parcel from the postman and hastening to the kitchen.... i found the 12inch carving knife and squirrelled myself into the conservatory, shutting all the curtains, while closing them i noticed Mrs Nora O'S'Ea twitching the nets, silly woman as if she will be allowed to see my goodies... Mwahahahahahaha..... NEVER I SAY.... NEVER!........*for dramatic effect*.
Dampening the lights i ripped off the wrapping in a snarling tigress kinda way, revelling in the beauty of the cutest wicker basket delving inside this is what i found.

Eight pressies all beautifully wrapped in gorgeous thick paper...... scrummy.... i have a thing about paper, i lurve it............... soooooooooo much.
Lookie what was inside.

First thing i noticed was the wonderful smell coming from a little white bag filled with *Sparkle and shimmer* Vanilla fragrance beads..... oww wow we should have smellablog..... its delish.
There was cute pink glittery slippers, a stunning hand made Christmas stocking that must have taken ages to make.
An angel hairband [that i shall be wearing at the Christmas dinner table] with two baby angels dancing on it, so sweet.*smile*
I also got a very..... very posh bottle of dishwasher sparkle aid
[flippin dishwasher never had it so good] lol.

Look at the picture above, i even got a dog collar..... that i shall be wearing on
New years eve
No I'm not going to a party but i like to dress up on occasion...... lol.

Look what i shall be wearing to Lincoln market on Sunday
My very own angel hat.....

Last but not least, this card, that i shall treasure forever.
Thank you so much Heather you made my day.
Bless you for your generosity and love.
X x X x X x X x X x X

Ps, anyone know how to get muck outta me coat? i slipped on the ice and a bucket full of muck fell of the builders ladders that was parked next to the postman's van...... hummmmmmmmmm ..... what was it that man said..... *whistling*........ lol


dancingonabladeofgrass said...


What more can I say ... you are a very lucky Angel girl indeed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

angel said...

I am so very lucky to have yous all. t'in i....... x X x X x X x

Trish said...

lots of gorgeous yumptious goodies hunny!!!!! you are still barking though *mwah*

second wind said...

Can we have a pic of you with slippers,headband and dog collar please! So many sparkles, lucky angel. Well done Heather.

MelMel said...

Hi hun......the tea cosy is fab....just making tea in my pot to get the pleasure of it all over again....yippppeee!!!


Country Bliss said...

Wow lovely swap Angel. You'll have to take a pic of yourself in the hat.
Yvonne x

Vintage Tea said...

What great swap goodies.... I have some living up to do here!!!!

Victoria xxx

MelMel said...

Hope you had a fun day?
I'm stuffed with food, been to Ollys grannys!xx

Lace hearts said...

Hello lovely, I can't work the forum, so have given up... was going to pm you but can't. Sigh. The swap goodies are lovely, and you deserve to be spoilt. Can't help you with the coat - hope you didn't hurt yourself. Big hug. and lots of these xxxxxxxxxxxxxx hope you had a brill time in Linc. xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and a few more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sleep well hun xxxx

MelMel said...

Hello lovely lady!

How you doing?

Is that a cake i smell baking....?
All for me?


Hugs melxxxxx

MelMel said...


What kind am i having....can you pop it in a tuppa ware.....?
I'll nip over now in my dressing gown.....n wellies!



MelMel said...

Just popped in to say thank you for the super commets you leave me...and to wish you a fab weekend ...hun!!!XXXXXXXX

MelMel said...

Hello christmas Angel!

Your so nice about me....i'd love a meet up!
You me and Lacey!xxxx

MelMel said...

Yippee....Mel Mel ROCKS!!!
*head swells*

Hugs for you to hun!

((((big squeeze)))))xxx

cocoa and blankets said...

Thank you for the coment on my blog...its amazing how many people have had terrible experiences...but good to know that they still love the Lord...even at the end of Kathys Story she had not lost faith...there are terrible terrible things that people do to each other...but God has givn us free must break his heart that these things were done in his dear name... love and hugs H
ps pop in again for a visit pps as a drama teacher I am trying to imagine the accent of the post man...pray tell