Saturday, 20 December 2008

Thank you Vintage tea.

Look at what Vintage Tea sent me........... Whoohoo.
Am i lucky or what!
all so pretty in pink.

There is so much look at it

3 lots of Chocolate yummy!
Candy canes, Luxury Hot Chocolate and mini marshmallows
and a so sweet mug to drink it in.

A book that's gunna make me a better wife......... Yea Right.
Look at the sweet ickle pot, ooh i love it.

Ballerina slippers, a snugly white Pashmina....... lovely.
A handmade Page marker [well done VT I'm impressed] two CK pencils. *smile*
Even a Key chain heart!
Thank you so much Victoria,
You have spoilt me rotten.

All these lovely PINK-GIRLY-DISNEY wonderful pressies...........I'm gunna have a great night in.



Lace hearts said...

Wow, you lucky thing - that all looks so beautifully put together. I'm so glad you've been spoilt. I think you deserve it more than anyone. Missing you, as not bumping into you on the forum at the mo. Hope all is well with you. Big huggles and lots of these, xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wish I could change the colours! x

angel said...

Lol, i dont know about that lacy.
I am going to blog about a certain other persons gifts tomorrow. ;-)
Yes we do keep missing each other, i expect it has something to do with CHISTMAS....Panic!......... back to normal soon though.

Loads of love and hugs honey. Mwah

MelMel said...

I'm all snug on the sofa, watching gremlins, opped by to say thank you...hope your ok, after your post about your sis...big hugxxx

Vintage Tea said...


So pleased you love what I sent and glad it all arrived safely!

I too loved everything you sent me and have just posted... the make up bags were in use the day they arrived!!!

I'm about to do some blog surfing now armed with a cuppa and the chocs you sent!

Thank you! Thank you!

Victoria xxxx

TattingChic said...

LOL! I just saw Victoria's post on her night in giftee! It looks like you both did very well in the gift exchange! Look at all that chocolate. That book looks like it's filled with some laughs. Enjoy!

sharie said...

Ahh, pretty in Pink! What a lovely swap you did. Tell me, how long did those choccies last ???? :-)

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl (again) Angel xxxxxxxxxx

Country Bliss said...

Lucky you, lots of fab goodies.
Yvonne x