Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
The winner is

Elaine............................ *Clapping*

Shall i sent you some weak suvven tea oop to yeh luve, or are thy happy wit the Norvvern muck thoust dust have oop thererr ? Lol.

Well done BM, I think it was the thousand Emails that did it for you, [tbh it had your name on it but i had to at least look like i was offering it to the others...........but dont tell em like, wilt yea luv].

From saff to norf a chicken did went,
Eventually, if i bother to send,
The caddy known as Rita,
Oh, i do hope ya keep er,
As wood does go she aint to bad,
It belonged, thy know to my mam and dad,
The varnish is a bit shabby,
on this little ol caddy.

But never mind cos its yours now and iv got rid of it and have no more responsabilty of it, so have it, and enjoy it, and i hope it turns you norvverners into sovverner tea drinkers.........

Love and hugs.............for a very special lady. X

[phew now what can i drag outa the bin to send off to this lot of mugs]


Lace Threads said...

Oh how lovely - I hoped Elaine would get it. I think she will treasure it (though not really as much as I would've done, of course.
Can't wait to see your next post - make it quick. Can you tell us a little bit about Essex life, p'haps!

angel said...

Oh, what a good idea? I could do a post on the *Botany of an Essex country garden* that could work..............Hummmmmmm
Artistic juices are starting to flow.......yes i could take pic's an everyfink................. well done Gracy........... :-)
See you back here tomorrow...... now where's me blimmin Camera gawn..

Elaine said...

What can I say........I didn't prepare a speech but here goes...

First I like to thank Angel for giving me this award. It is such a beautiful thing for one person to do for another.
I'd also like to thank Angels Mum and Dad, that in their wisdom, they passed on this lovely treasure, so that it could be passed on to me.
I'd like to thank my family for supporting me in my endeavour, and the members of the Shabby Chic cafe for their elegance and grace in DEFEAT.
Thank you to Yorkshire Tea for having a free tea caddy that has served me well for many years, but sadly now has a wonky lid.
To Typhoo, for the previous caddy, it too served me well even though I rarely put Typhoo tea in it.
To Clipper, for their Fairly Traded teabag, without which I wouldn't be able to open my eyes in the mornings.
My thanks also goes to you, out there in blogland for not falling asleep while reading this.

Love and blessings

angel said...

ZZZZZZZZZ...snore..........zzz...snore .......zzzzz..........snore...zzzzzzzzz

Lace Threads said...

Pssst. I think she's pleased, Angelpumpkin, ole girl!
So, I'm back - where's the Essex in summer post!? Huh?
Hugs. Hope you had a lovely day. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Daisys Little Cottage said...

funny fun and tom foolery...nice bloggy. Thanks for stopping by to visit me

heather said...

lol.... didnt realise ths was the way to get rid of rubbish...opps i mean future collectables..lol.. i think i might nick your idea. Angel....hehehehe

angel said...

Oi, No plagerism Miss Heather!!!! [this is the only way i can get these girls looking at this bloggie blog blog. lol.

Anonymous said...

Well done Elaine I think it a charming little thing and angel what a lovelything to do to give it a new home X

Lace Threads said...

Thank you sweetie for asking. Yes, eleven years since I last had it properly done, and it feels so nice! Even nicer to have treated myself.
Bless you. xxxxxxxxxx

Trish said...

wooohooooo I didn't win ooops sorry I meant wooohoooo Elaine won how fab for her xxx lol lol

sharie said...

I'm sure you will treasure it for ever and ever.