Monday, 18 October 2010


Ickle "shabby angel" she is so sweet.
My new babygirl is a ickle Pug baby teacup fingy watsit.

I shall be picking her up on the 30th of October 2010.

I lubs her..... don't you. :)


angel said...

Ooops i should have said, this photo is not of my babygirl, mine is a teacup size and soooo tiny. :)

Debbie said...

Ohhhh.... I`m so envious!Lol
Our little maltese puppy just turned one!
He is a lovely toy breed... And getting him, was the best thing ever!
I`m sure that you will love yours too!
Actually, I think you already do!Lol


Anonymous said...

OMG, I can't see nuffink! I refreshed 3 times and still nada...

Anonymous said...

Oh honey the pic really wont work - have you put it up on fb? xx

Anonymous said...

Oh ;o(
It's still not working for me angelcakes, I can see you your other pics (ie the MANSION you call a chook house - you put mine to shame!!!)

Best you go take lots more pics of Pugabyebaby, eventually I'll get to see one I'm sure xx

angel said...

Oh i am sorry Janie.. humph..
When i get her home you will be treated to LOADS of pix then i will bombard you with them and you will be sick to death of seeing her.. :D

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Can't see the pic :( x Will wait for your pics to appear x