Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ex Bats flats.

Picture the scene.
No its not the OH building another shed its gunna be me chook house! well actually its more like a block of flats.
s'nice in'tit.
Well i know you cant actually see much but when its finished its gunna be a 5* Chook abode.

As many of you will already know, i single handedly, on my own, by meself, alone, saved a gazzilion chickens from the chicken coop in the sky, i had some helpers  of course, but if a jobs worth doing etc.... *giggle*
i am the proud mummy to 5 rescued chickens, they are currently lodging at my nieces house in a secret location in Cambridge.
Its secret because as you all know i am a very private person and don't want every Tom Dick or Harry looking to steal then ransom me chooks.
Anyhow they are called.
and Julian.

Well no not really Julian but i added that for comic effect.

Aint they perfect!
Yeah, i thought you would agree with me.

I expect there to be a rush of comments on their gorgeousness but please, remember i am but one humble woman.